Quiet Waters  LbNA # 7899 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 18 2004
CountyAnne Arundel
LocationAnnapolis, MD
Found By Wild Boars
Last Found Dec 28 2006
Hike Distance?

Brad was not able to find this letterbox.

Brad, a ranger at Quiet Waters, is currently looking for this letterbox. I'm not sure what happened to it. Thanks for the emails letting me know that it was missing.

first find the eternal herons
then take care on peetS Hill
you must bear right at the pavil
and follow your ABCs

you're on the right paved track
when your lungs wheeze and hack

right then and there
you'd best beware
for the dragon could be anywhere

Hope you enjoy the hunt!

jenny, roger, kiersten, julie, gregg

6.23.2004 - p.s. Here is a key to some of the more difficult terms in the clue:

the eternal herons - the statue of herons by the gallery
peetS hill - the Steep hill next to the gallery
the pavil - the pavillion at the bottom of the steep hill
ABCs - the little posts with letters - just a reminder to stay on the paved track

after you climb a hill (you will be breathing hard!) you are just about staring at the spirit dragon wood sculpture. The box is right with the dragon - you do have to look...where would a dragon be carrying a box?

Please let us know if this is still too difficult. Glad you are all enjoying Quiet Waters!