Elmer's Flowers  LbNA # 7900

OwnerCanada Goose    
Placed DateApr 18 2004
LocationHazel Dell, WA
Found By team mtpt101
Last Found Sep 21 2006
Hike Distance?

A quick walk and nab.
Clues: Easy to Moderate
Bring gloves

To the trail: Find Cougar Creek on a map and note where it crosses NW119th street. This is the border of Felida & Hazel Dell North Near Salmon Creek. Park near the sign welcoming you to Felida and walk down into the Creek area on the north side of the road.

Box #1 You may want Gloves

Keep your eyes pealed for a one eyed stump on the right. If you see No Public Access you have gone too far. Search the edges of the stump and be careful to hide it well.

Box #2 Wear Gloves

When you come upon a clean view of the creek and hear the gushing of the water you will notice a fallen and chopped up log on the left. 9 Paces after is a trunk of two. Use the nearby path to access a log covered in moss, which hides the box. Use the mossy stick to cover it up as in the winter the leaves will be gone.

Box #3

Find Elmer Heermann. While facing him, take the path at 10 O’clock to find a cozy hiding dot across the way. Be sure to hide it carefully and watch for folks coming by.

Box #4

Back to face Elmer. Turn so your left arm is closet to him and begin a count of 20 paces the direction you face. Stop. Head up the trail you now see at 3 O’clock. Once on top go right and notice a little way down a monster of three. 9 paces back after going face to face with colossus is a tucked away spot for #4. Be sure to hide it carefully.

Have fun.