LTMB  LbNA # 7914

OwnerPungent Bob      
Placed DateApr 4 2004
LocationHouston Area, TX
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Penny and I used to live in Texas. There we discovered one of our favorite performers and often went to see her perform, usually at Rockefellers. Today we must make do with her occasional performance here in the Pacific Northwest. One performance that was particularly memorable was her concert at the Oregon Zoo as Penny was 6 days past the due date for our first child. Since the Zoo was closer to the hospital than our house, and not wanting to miss an opportunity to see this star, we went. The performer even rubbed Penny’s belly after the concert and stubborn Grace finally came a week later. We managed to see her again while Penny was pregnant with Nicholas too!

This artist is not from Texas, though quite close, and is certainly considered a large part of the Texas music scene, originally as part of Austin’s progressive country movement in the early 1970’s. By the 80’s she began focusing on Gulf Coast rhythm & blues and today is nationally recognized for her music, though, like many a great talent, not commonly known by the masses. Texans have a good chance of knowing who she is, though even there you probably don’t ever hear her on commercial radio.

Ladies, pull out your Soulful Dress, let’s go get some of mama’s cooking because somewhere down the road in a blue house, she’s playing tonight! Decipher the clues below to find the scene of the crime ‘cause baby, why not?

Fill in the blanks below, two words are her name, two words are adjectives often used to describe her. Starting from the first blank letter choose from the sets of letters below. Continue with the blanks as you go, skipping any repeated letters. Once you are done, write the letter groups in columns, and then read normally to get the clues (without spaces).

If these instructions are confusing, refer to the solved example at the end.

L __ __ __ T __ __ __ M __ __ __ __ __ B __ __ __

A: cesditscpdpearoeaiestnaohieowetxe
B: gteajkimnpqwetctdbttdauecpottsnma
C: ameeennissnohohgsrnplpoestehgsaig
D: ameeennisdcotaskodococesditscpdha
E: dcotaskodococesditscpdhahtaotton
F: taskodococesditscpdhahtaottonbxaj
G: rrtldchiynhrtoswwnndsibtterpohrod
H: npqwetctdbttdauecpottsnmagstlehil
I: rwofrwinsoiwigaopedseoustypottsn
J: skodocoearaeuooshtyakttrbxdoottmn
K: rrtldchivcdsoswwnndsibtterpohrod
L: etiiniiartianyusrchtagttegstlehil
M: cesditscpdpearoeaiestnaohieowetxe
N: eosanetdcotaskodocoearaeuoosltobi
O: mbefisingpucectntiarpatsogmslonts
P: gteajkimnpqwetctdbttdauecpottsnma
Q: wetctdbttdauecpottsnmagshejbxekas
R: rudntogteoctdbttdauecshhahtaoaeso
S: rrtldchiynhrtoswwnndsibtterpohrod
T: mbefisingpucectntiarpatsogmslonts
U: rrtldchiynhrtoswwnndsibtterpohrod
V: dchiynhrtoswwnndsibtterkdskekksv
W: jsdfkljncskefnasouitasnncakjrennc
X: rjsgdkjvskrijsljgfsoapplefjkjnnvv
Y: jklsaksecretletterboxjaskljklrjj
Z: djkjrofsdklvkocoearaeuoosltobisdd

Note: I've gotten a report that there are two signs which match the criteria in the decoded clues. Start from the more westerly of the two signs.


A __ __ __ __ __

A: asdg
P: tiee
R: jern
L: hsc
E: itl
S: shu

If apples were the decoder word then (second ‘p’ is skipped!):

t h i s
i s t h
e c l u

Revealing: thisistheclue or this is the clue.