A Fair Field to Remember  LbNA # 7922 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 17 2004
LocationFairfield, Iowa, IA
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Hike Distance?

One pace = two steps

Welcome to our historic hunt. For your daring we say thanks!
To find our hidden letterbox, you must fill in all these blanks:

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Begin at the entrance to our first State Fair,
Start at Fourth & Grimes: See the big boulder there?

Search the plaque: Line 5 letter 7, Line 7 letter 5 - write both down
Then grab your compass and head 90 degrees three blocks across town.

As you enter the shaded space, we know what you’re thinkin’
You’re looking for that granite rock inspired by President Lincoln.

The swings are so enticing and you read the coppery plaque,
Line 5 letters 9-14-13. Trains may toot behind your back.

From here take 55 paces at 135 degrees to the house where women meet,
Find the white sign out front, while your back is to the street.

Top line, jot three letters more! … Where’s that independent lady
Who has illuminated freedom’s way since the early 1880’s?

From sign go 53 paces at 180 degrees, then 23 more at 270 degrees. Chains of tyranny break at her feet
First letter of line three, then 23 paces at 90 degrees:
Now notice the name of the street.

Fairfield’s history unfolds. You are solving the riddle!
Proceed two blocks due south, into another park’s middle.

Letterboxers heed grandpa’s advice: Read that metal tablet
Line 2 letter 8. Both statues will listen – it’s an eternal habit.

Now hitch up your wagon, ‘cause we’re going to the fair
26 paces at 220 degrees: Bottom plaque line 4 letter 3.
(When it’s opened will you be there?)

Back to Court again. One or two blocks south you travel on
To the spot where kids play leapfrog on the old library’s lawn.

First of these libraries west of the Mississippi, thanks to a millionaire
Spy wisdom’s fowl above the door. Do you see the donor’s name up there?

Last name, first letter. Now there’s only one initial to be found
Locating that last mark means returning to the ground.
What magician could hold children in suspended animation?
Sculptor’s first name, letter 2, will end our journalization.

Yet a pleasant task remains: To find our letterbox
You sorta know where it is, but you must drive many blocks.

One block east, then one mile north. Turn right to enter “H2O Toils Land-Set-Apart”
Winding in and around, look to your right, where old settlers took heart.

Standing at the entrance, just below your socks.
Several paces to the east - open the letterbox!