Spring Peeper  LbNA # 7926

Placed DateApr 12 2003
LocationAlfred, ME
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Find the B.C. Jordan trail off of Ida Jim Road (just past the double gate which closes off the road in winter and spring.) Take a trail guide from the signboard if there is one; you are asked to please return it when finished.
The trail is soft, dry, and carpeted in pine needles. Moss, lycopodium, bearberry, wintergreen, and trailing arbutus grow right in the path at times. Walk under the magnificent trees until you arrive at site 21. Three paces past is a rectangular stone. You have found a Spring Peeper! You can continue down the B.C. Jordan trail at this fork with an unmarked trail (follow the fresh blue blazes)and walk Ida Jim Rd. back to your car or turn around and retrace your steps. There are other marked and unmarked trails in the area, Spring Peeper used to live farther away down one on these, but is now easy to get to, and in a very pretty home.

Bring some ink (I like dark orange) and Enjoy!