N. KY Archaeology Box  LbNA # 7938 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 19 2004
LocationPark Hills, KY
Found By Penguin Patrol
Last Found Nov 3 2006
Hike Distance?

Driving Directions
From I-75, exit either 5th Street or 12th Street/Pike Street Covington and follow brown Behringer-Crawford Museum/Devou Park signs. Once within Devou Park follow the signs to the museum itself. Parking is in rear of the bulding.

While you're here you ought to check out the museum itself. It is committed to the presrvation of the rich heritage and natural history of Northern Kentucky. It is a true gem within our tiny corner of the world!

Begin at the psuedo-Washington Monument
Take a reading of 20'.
Proceed forward 43 paces.
You will pass two mailboxes, one large tree, and finally a cabin made of clay.
End at the two trees that appear as one.
The box is safe within the arms of Mother Earth enjoying the sunrise of Father Sky hidden beneath a chunk of native limestone.