The Hogtown Creek Letterbox  LbNA # 7939 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 20 2004
LocationGainesville, FL
Planted ByBoxingbuddy    
Found By Gray Girl
Last Found Aug 10 2010
Hike Distance?

The Hogtown Creek Letterbox is located just above a section of Hogtown Creek running through Alred A. Ring Park on the northern side of Gainesville. The letterbox was originally
placed by GatoRx&Meadowmuffin on 4/20/04 and has been adopted as of 10/23/06 by Boxingbuddy
Overall Difficulty: Fairly easy
Terrain: Well marked trails and boardwalks; some hills; some roots in trail
Bring With You: Water and a good poking stick

Directions to the Park: The north entrance to the park is located along NW 23rd Avenue, a few blocks west of US-441 (13th Street in town.) Look for the Elks Lodge, and make a left into their parking lot. Follow the signs to get to parking for the park itself.

Directions to the Box: From the parking lot at the north entrance, follow the bridge and paved trail up the hill and into the park. When you come to the welcome sign, take the large trail to the left (you should pass a DogiPot if you're on the correct path.) Follow the trail to the picnic pavilion, then head off on the trail that branches from the northeast corner of the pavilion; if you don't have a compass, the trail will be on your left.

Follow this trail down and around until you come to a sign for the bird blind** and Hogtown Creek; follow the arrow to the left. (**note in August of 2006 the bird blind referenced here was torn down due to its state of decline. The sign referencing it is,however, still in place. Don't let that fool you!) Continuing down the trail, go a short distance more and head left to a small dead end boardwalk just before the creek.

Once on the boardwalk, look ahead on your left and you should see a double-trunked tree. On that side is a bench that runs the length of the boardwalk - have a seat on the last support post before the tree. The box is directly under you.