Placed DateApr 20 2004
LocationArgillite, KY
Found By familycircus
Last Found May 25 2008
Hike Distance?


Easy to Find on beautiful Ky. roads!

Take Interstate 64 to the Grayson Exit...Turn on to RT.1 North toward Greenbo Lake. Check your odometer. Your destination will be 7.7 miles from the interstate. At about 3 miles, look on your left for a big red saloon and some antique trucks...Just after that, you'll see Jed Clampett's house with a big white limo....Ha ha
At about 4.5 miles you'll round a bend and top "Tunnel Hill". My dad planted the grove of pine trees you see on the right when he was a boy. Those pines are over 50 years old.
If you look to the right quickly you can see where the old railroad tunnel caved in. Proceed past Crane Creek and watch for the brown sign as you near a left bend in the road. At 7.7 miles turn right on Frazier Branch.
Stroll up to the bridge and walk across. Stop at the last plank. Try to remember that when this was originally built in about 1890, horses, mules, wagons, or foot travel was how you got around.....well, maybe a boat or raft if you lived next to the river.
I crossed this bridge many times as a boy...in the back seat of my dad's old Falcon. The bridge would rattle and shake! I was always afraid of falling through the bridge deck. There always seemed to be a few boards missing. The "restored" bridge has lost some of it's charm, but the memories of a time long past still echo through the bridge as you cross.
Now let's find the box.....From the Southern end of the bridge, last plank, in the center, between the tracks, take a bearing of 260* If you're Superman you can see the box....Step one pace and climb over the short guard rail.....Reach back behind the diagonal posts.....In the "V" you will find the "OLDTOWN COVERED BRIDGE" letterbox with my best stamp yet.
Now, just stamp up, tell me what town you're from, rehide the box, then drop a line in the water and fish a while, eat a picnic lunch, or head for Greenbo Lake. (just a few miles North) I know of 3 more boxes hidden there from two fellow letterboxers. Just a few more miles North is a nice golf course.
Roll down your car windows and take in all the sounds and smells of the country as you drive. It will bring back memories of simpler time!
Hope you enjoyed the trip!

Shoot me an email if you find everything in good order!