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Paige's Tales 4  LbNA # 7958 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 22 2004
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 26 2005
Hike Distance?

Paige’s Tales 4

The Dragon had flown. How this came to be, or when, no one knows for sure. Piecing together bits of information gleaned from the dreams of ordinary folk, such as you and I, I have been able to trace Her movements, for a time.
Eyes opening in the dark of night, She knew not what had caused this awakening. Time out of mind, had She been resting. Yet something had caused Her to stir. There was also something else. As She became more aware of Her surroundings, She could sense Danger. She knew not what this Danger could be, only that She had to leave this peaceful glade, which had provided Her shelter for so long.
Stretching and testing Her wings, She knew She’d be able to fly. Just as the Danger entered the far side of Her meadow, She leapt into the air. Powerful wings flapping, causing a whirlwind to blind the Danger, and She was away. Looking down, from far above, She espied a track through the forest. Not knowing whither it went, She followed it East, as the frustrated howls of the Danger, echoed behind Her.
Soon, She was passing over a sleepy little village. Many of these tracks (5) converged in the center. Choosing one, She flew onward, this time to the South. As She approached another crossing track, She noticed, along side the track she followed, a river wending its way through the area. Realizing a great thirst, She looked for a place to stop and drink. Not long afterward, She found what She was after. Below Her, in a forest later to be known as Natchaug, She espied a small open area where the river ran deep. Alighting in the dark, She quickly moved to slake Her thirst. (Beyond the picnic tables is an old post. At your right hand and forward, is a large tree. Along this line, looking up the hill, is a small tree, with exposed roots. Here you will find Happiness!)
Refreshed, She again took to the air. Circling over the forest, She followed the narrow track, up and right and South. Quickly coming to a slightly wider track, again turning to the right, She flew onward. As She approached the wide track She had been originally following, She saw, from a great height, a small lake, dotted with many islands. Realizing that now, after Her thirst had been quenched, She was hungry, She headed for it. Coming in low, She noticed many dwellings along one side of this lake, (later to be called Hall’s or Kennerson), so She flew out to the island farthest from them. Here She caught fish and bathed Herself and rested for a time. (Here, you to may catch fish and rest and bathe yourself. If you look hard enough, you may also find Long Life!)
Knowing that come the dawn, the people of the dwellings would be able to see Her, She again took flight. Following the track away in the same direction, West by North, She continued. Crossing the first intersecting track, left at the next, and left again She flew over an orchard. The farmer, Crooke by name, and his wife, were startled awake by Her passing. Not knowing what had disturbed them, they quickly fell back to sleep. Onward, following the same track, ignoring the one that branched off to the right She flew. Again, She espied a river, smaller this time, and as She turned to follow it South, she marveled at the colored lights suspended in the air. South now, over this broader track She went, but seeing off in the distance, from her great height, the lights of 2 towns,(Storrs and Willimantic), She looked for a place in between to spend the daylight hours. Turning at the second right hand track, on over the next crossing track, She went. Seeing yet another river, crossing over it, She found what She was looking for. Circling once, checking for safety, she came to rest on the top of a cliff (in my day, we called it 50 foot), in a small open area there. (Unfortunately, not having the gift of flight, those such as you and I, need to climb to the top of this cliff. Standing on the rock that She most likely rested on, looking out over the valley, look over your right shoulder, you are looking for Harmony!)
As the deep of night came once again, again She took to the air. West now She flew. Encountering another, wider track, She instinctively knew, that this would bring Her to either of those 2 towns, whose lights she had spied before. Turning to the North and West, She flew on. Below Her, as She came up from the valley, She saw 2 Elephant Safaris, resting quietly in the dark. Past a school, She went. Down and up and down and up and down went the track She was following now. When it again intersected with a broader track, She turned West once more. Again, She came over a sleepy village, again She marveled at the colored lights suspended in the air. Then, She saw a different kind of track, 2 lines shining in the night. Beyond, another river, with a waterfall, and above, a long lake. Coming in low, She saw a cottage, on a small island. Circling around, She saw 2, smaller islands. Landing on the smaller of the 2, though it was close to the dwellings on the shore, She took her rest. (A careful search will turn up an image of how She appeared, in the dreams of those I interviewed.)
Of what happened to Her, or where She went from here, no one knows. We, Paige and I, will of course be searching for clues, listening to dreams, and watching the stars for any sign of Her. If we find, or hear, or see anything, well, that would be the subject of another Tale.

Peter and Paige

Editor's Note: When I checked these boxes at the end of summer, I found the 4th one had been disturbed. I gathered up all the contents, took them home, and turned them into a hitch hiker. The HH was released on 9/2/04 at a place called Whale's Head Rock. Good Luck.