Morgans Delight  LbNA # 8

Placed DateApr 27 2002
LocationManchester, CT
Planted ByMorgan's Family    
Found By chthiker
Last Found Jan 17 2016
Hike Distance?

Morgans Delight

3 Letterboxes Total
Planted: July 27, 2002
Re-planted: August 4, 2007

***NOTICE: These Boxes are back in action after some maintenance. Because box #2 had seen some water damage in it's old spot, it has moved if you have old clues printed, you will want to re-print them.***

Approximately 2 miles total, taking approximately an hour or so to complete.

These Boxes are at Case Mountain in Manchester, CT

To get to Case Mountain take 84 East to 384. Take Exit #4 and take a right at the end of the ramp onto Spring Street. You will encounter a narrow road with an even narrower bridge so please drive slowly in this area. Park on the left after the bridge. You can gauge how busy it is by looking at the amount of cars here (you may even need to park on the street).

Case Mt. is a very busy and popular area, utilized by both hikers/walkers and mountain bikers. Because of this please watch for oncoming riders; and when you stamp in, do so off of the trail and as “stealthily” as possible, and please re-hide the boxes well – there is the potential for non ‘boxers to find boxes in this area.

From the parking area take the paved trail – there is only one way to go here: UP! You are currently on the white-blazed Carriage Trail. The pavement will stop and the trail will be covered with loose stone. Continue up, up, up (this is where it is handy to have 65 pounds of canine energy to encourage a speedy ascent – Morgan loves to pull us up the hill!) until you see a sign for the pink-blazed Highland Trail on your right. Take the Highland trail. Shortly you will come to a fork in the trail, let the fallen birch show you the way to the right. The trail will take you on a subtle climb then a slight curve to the left. You will not have a problem staying on the pink blazes; it appears that there were a good many trees with stomachaches needing Pepto-Bismol! You will eventually pass a 4-tree 4tress on the right of the trail; continue until you see a bridge in sight. Stop at the last pink-blazed tree before the bridge and take a look around for a rock with a tree growing out of it. Beneath the rock is your first prize. Please stamp in secretly off of the trail and re-hide the box.

Continue on the Highland Trail, across the bridge and through a thicket of Mountain Laurel. The trail meanders for a while, with lots of places to stop and listen for songbirds. Morgan recommends stopping around the area where a tree is in the middle of the path – for some reason the acoustics are good here and you should be able to hear her feathered friends singing away from many directions. Continue on the trail, when you reach a fork in the trail with two choices the pink blazes continue up the rockier path to the right. Scamper up the rocks then stay to the right at the top (there is a boulder here which also apparently had a stomach ache – he will show you the way). After the trail bends to the left you will reach an intersection of your Highland Trail and the Carriage Trail. Say goodbye to your pink blazes and take a right onto the white-blazed Carriage Trail. After a small jaunt on the Carriage Trail you will hit a crossroads marked by few large rocks stacked up – one of which has been visited by someone armed with a can of red paint. Take a left. You are now on the Shenipsit Trail, which is not nearly as heavily marked as the Highland Trail (but you may see some bluish-gray blazes once or twice). At the fork in the trail stay to the left. You will soon pass two trees sharing the same base, after which you will come to a stone outcropping from which you can see that there is a clearing off to your left, which in some years is a pond. At the outcropping look for a “W” made of tree trunks. From the “W” trees walk 18 paces to an oak tree on the right of the trail. From that oak take a compass reading of 280º, at this reading is a rock that hides your second prize. Please stamp in secretly again and be sure to carefully re-hide the box.

Back out on the trail continue on, passing a clearing on your left. The trail you are on will join up with several other trails. Continue forward with a slight turn to the left. You will soon reach an intersection with the yellow-blazed Lookout Trail. Take a left onto the Lookout Trail and you will soon know why it has its name. Morgan cautions all feet, but especially canine feet, to be extra cautious at the clearing as there is a lot of glass around on the ground (it seems that there are probably some folks that enjoy this view at night while enjoying some libations). If you have a snack with you, this is a good time to take it out and sit on the bench to enjoy the view. Since this is a short hike, we like to time it so that we can catch a sunset here and suggest that you do the same if you can.

To claim your final prize take a compass reading as you stand on the rocks looking out towards Hartford. Your reading should be just a hair shy of due North. At this reading there are a couple of large flat stones stacked on top of one another. At their base is the final box. Again, stamp in secretly and hide the box away well – this area is the busiest of all, and the trickiest to find while trying not to be obvious - good luck!

To return to your vehicle you have a couple of choices: go back up to the clearing to catch up with the pink blazes and meander back down the Highland Trail to return nearly the same way as you came. Or, for a more direct route (especially good at dusk after you see the sunset) continue down the open rocky trail, which will get you back out to the white-blazed Carriage Trail. This trail, as you remember, is covered with crushed stone – so it is not the best route if you would like to listen to Morgan’s feathered friends sing their songs. However, you will pass by a sign that designates a vernal pool area off to the right. To learn more about vernal pools go to:

Please read the standard letterboxing disclaimer at and have a great time!