Pitch Reservior  LbNA # 800 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 25 2003
LocationMorris, CT
Planted ByRandwulf    
Found By The Bird Stamper
Last Found Sep 24 2007
Hike Distance?

Planted by STBear on 04/13/03
Adopted by Randwulf on 10/20/06

Planted at Pitch Reservior
Morris, Connecticut

At the intersection of Route 63 and Route 109 in Morris, follow Route 109 as if you were going to Thomaston. You will take the third or fourth left you come to which is Pitch Road. (Note: Sign might be missing or just hard to see. If you pass it and go by a dam you've gone too far.) You can park right there at the end of the road or you can drive up the road to a parking area on the right.

Total time for hike from end of road is about an hour and a half. If you choose to drive to the parking area on the right the hike will be significantly shorter. This road is unpaved and should only be driven on by vehicles that can handle this kind of terrain.

From your car follow the wide dirt road. Because of all the no trespassing signs dotting the woods you will be staying on this wide road for almost your entire hike. Keep walking until you come to a T intersection. Turn right. The water will be on your right. This is a beautiful place to sit and watch the water enter the reservoir. As you start to go up the hill you will see guard rails and then stones lining the LEFT side of the road. Where the stones end there is a small turn around next to a very large almost dead tree. This tree has one of the yellow city of Waterbury signs on it. On the ground at the foot of this tree are two fallen pieces of this once even larger tree. The Pitch Reservoir Letterbox is tucked under the back of the larger log, at the curve of the log.

Clues originally posted at www.geocities.com/stbear_lb/PitchReservior.html

Note: I, Randwulf, was asked to adopt this letterbox after being unable to contact the original planter, STBear. When I found the box on 18 OCT 2006 it was not in the location given by the clues. A friend of mine and I did manage to locate the box, as it was hidden in the general area. The box has been restored to the location indicated by the clues. On 30 OCT 2006 I replaced the full log book with new empty one. The box is good to go. :-)

2008-04-15: I recently received an e-mail informing me that this box had been destroyed. As I was unable to recover the stamp I am going to retire this box.