Out And About #1  LbNA # 8011

OwnerMartini Man      
Placed DateApr 25 2004
LocationDelafield, WI
Found By pixiestix
Last Found Jun 12 2015
Hike Distance5-8 mi
Last EditedMay 23 2016

Update: This was a two box series originally and sadly the second stamp was taken out of its box. It is now retired and the clues below reflect that.

Directions: The best way to Lapham Peak State Park is to take I-94 (the direction is immaterial – it works either east or west). Look for the Highway C exit in Delafield, WI. Head south when you get off and cross the overpass bridge. Continue down Highway C for about a mile. The entrance to the park will be on your left. Be alert. The entrance comes up fast.

Be aware that this is a fee area in Wisconsin and you will be required to buy at least a day pass to be in the park. Currently they cost $5 for residents. If the booth is manned, ask for one of the great park maps. If the booth is unmanned, there are envelopes you can use to pay the fee. The Park is patrolled, so don’t assume you can get by without paying.

Before starting, please note that the trails in Lapham Peak could be considered strenuous to walk. The black trail has its share of hills, so be prepared for an exhilarating hike. We estimate that the walk would be about 5 -7 miles and not for the "faint at heart". But who in Letterboxing could be labeled as such?

Park in the Evergreen Grove lot to begin your search. It comes up fairly soon after the pay station. There are signs that will direct you. Once there, take the black trail. This trail hugs the outer perimeter of the park and has some nice hills in it. Always remember to bear right. There are other trails in the park which could lead you astray from your quest. Fortunately the trails are rather well marked. Hiking shoes are recommended.

Continue on this trail for some distance. Note some of the quaint names they have for sections of the black trail. Gutbuster has a certain savoir-faire. As you progress through the trail keep a lookout for an interpretive sign. It will be on your left and is about “The Old Settler’s Cabin” that used to stand in that area. Off on the right side of the trail is a clearing and a pond in the distance. Depending when you get out, you might get a nice serenade from the frogs in the pond!

From the Old Settler’s sign turn back the way you came for 62 paces. When you get there you might spot a very happy tree. Behind it you will discern a stump and a fallen tree. Look at the back of the fallen tree underneath where it branches for your first objective. Remember to hide it well! This is a popular park.

We hope you enjoyed the hike. You can either continue along the black trail or take any number of other routes back to the Evergreen Grove lot. Your map has the details for all the trails in the park. Lapham Peak is a great place and has many more trails to explore.