Ambling Armadillo  LbNA # 8021

Placed DateApr 24 2004
LocationGroesbeck, TX
Found By bingo
Last Found Mar 24 2007
Hike Distance?

TERRAIN: Easy, flat trail

DIRECTIONS: From Groesbeck, go north on Hwy 14 to Fort Parker State Park entrance on the left. Park at the Nature Center and walk across road, through picnic area to the bridge that leads to the trail.

CLUES: At Springfield Trail follow the trail til you come to several large rocks on the left of the trail, (you will pass one rock on left before these rocks, keep going) with only their tops showing on the trail. From the last rock, walk 6 steps, on the right, just off the trail, knee high in the crook of a tree is Ambling Armadillo Letterbox. There are leaves, rocks and sticks covering the box. Please make sure they are snug when you are finished stamping as they are what covers the box.