Antique Carriage  LbNA # 804 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 11 2003
LocationLeesburg, VA
Found By Perched Owl
Last Found Apr 29 2010
Hike Distance?

Placed by Rich.
Adopted by Scarab, Oct 2006

Start by driving West on Route 7 from Fairfax county, right onto River Creek Parkway. This turns into California Rd on my map but is really River Creek Parkway according to the signs. Stay on this road; it turns left at the water treatment plant. After this turn, turn right at the building ruins into the parking lot. You went too far if the road turns from pavement to gravel.

This is Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park.
(703) 737-7800, open all year from dawn to dusk

Park and pick up a flyer at the bulletin board. Read through the small flyer and identify the buildings on the grounds. Spend a few minutes wandering around the carriage house and other buildings.

When ready, walk to the bulletin board. Behind it and to the right is the start of Spruce Trail (green trail blaze). Take Spruce until it ends at White Pine Loop Trail (white blaze) and turn right. Follow across three foot bridges and up to the overlook. There is a place where another trail looks like it comes in from the left, up a steep incline. Check the trail markers. This is White Pine Loop making a left turn. The trail continues ahead, but is unmarked. Don't take this unmarked trail...continue on Spruce.

You're close when you can see the Potomac on the left off in the distance. Look to the left and ahead to see black chain-link fences at the top of the hill. These are the overlook points you are headed to.

Take pictures and wave to Maryland.

When done, head back down White Pine Loop Trail, across the foot bridge and up the other side. At the top at the "Tee", White Pine trail continues to the right. Turn right. Shortly after the Tee (about 30 paces) turn Left onto Loblolly Trail (yellow trail blaze markers). At the fork, turn left to continue on Loblolly (look for yellow markers).

From the fork, about 110 paces is the 2nd yellow trail marker (painted on a tree on the right hand side of the trail). Standing next to this tree, walk 22 steps on bearing 110° to the roots of a fallen tree. On the far side of the roots (NE corner of the roots) under some leaves you will find an Antique Carriage.

When done stamping up, return to the trail and continue along Loblolly until it ends at White Pine Loop Trail (white markers). Turn right and continue to return to the parking lot.