Beaver and Sunflower  LbNA # 8041

Placed DateApr 4 2004
LocationAtchison, KS
Found By Smoked Whitefish
Last Found Mar 22 2009
Hike Distance?

Beaver and Sunflower

Alive as of: 4/4/04

This box was placed by Funhog and Wes and Jess. Funhog's from Oregon, the Beaver State, while Wes and Jess both hail from Kansas, the Sunflower State. This is an especially cool stamp to color, so bring your markers.

Atchison State Fishing Lake is north of Atchison on K-7.
From downtown, follow the K-7 signs north. The turnoff for the lake is approximately 4 miles. You'll turn left onto a
gravel road. Watch the tops of the street signs for a 'lake' sign. It'll be a right turn, about 2 miles down the road.

Stop near the boat ramp and grab a map, if you wish. If not, continue down the right fork, along the east side of the lake. Park at the east end of the dam. Walk across the dam.

Follow the 'fishing access' trail. Always take the fork of the trail that is closest to the water.

As you follow the trail, look for three piers on the south (opposite) side of the lake. When you're across from the middle one, start looking for our box. It's in the base of a tree that has been attacked by beavers, but hasn't yet succumbed. The tree is on the right (north) side of the trail, about 12 steps off the trail.

These directions are vague. I'd like to say I'm being mysterious, but I plain can't remember any other specifics. If you get close, just start looking for trees that you'd hide a box in that has been gnawed on by beavers, and you'll find it.

If you'd like to send clarifications, they would be welcome.

More info about this lake:

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks: