Frosted Cupcake  LbNA # 805 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 23 2003
LocationHerndon, VA
Found By jem_heist
Last Found May 7 2005
Hike Distance?

Placed by Rich.
Adopted by Scarab, Oct 2006

PULLED 7/8/05 - waterlogged...need to dry it out and redo it.

Runnymede Park is on the North East portion of the Herndon Parkway. Check out a map. From the toll road, get off on route 7100 North, then take the Elden exit. At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn left onto Elden. Turn right onto Herndon Parkway, then right into the small parking lot at the sign for Runnymede park.

From the parking lot, walk up to the bulletin board and read about the local flora and fauna. Pick up a brochure and read all about it. The brochure also has a trail map, but you don't need it. The directions below should be good enough and the trail marker posts are easily seen.

If you have a trail map, feel free to take whatever route you wish. The instructions below are especially for immediately after a rain, as parts of the trails will have standing water. Following these minimizes the chance you will end up having to backtrack.

Behind the bulletin board is a house ( attention to markers) with a split rail fence in front. Follow the fence to the left and pick up the wide trail (Upland Trail). Turn right onto Meadow trail, and at the end, turn left onto Sycamore.

Sycamore will become rocky and end at the creek (it actaully continues on the other side, but don't cross the creek). Turn left onto Millrace trail and walk up the wood steps, then turn right onto Red Bud trail. Follow Red Bud until the clearing and steps going down into the Hunters Creek Clubhouse (the tennis court). At this intersection is a bulletin board and a place to pick up Mutt Mitts.

Take the trail off to the right that goes downhill to the creek. Be careful. At this point, you are in the flood plain for the creek. The trail is uneven and rocky. Rocks may be slippery. Watch your step. At the bottom, turn right and continue along the creek around 50-60 steps. You should be at a fallen tree (fell from the other side, trunk reaches the near bank). To your right on approx. bearing 220° is an old stump. On the far side of the stump (uphill side), under a rock and underbrush you will find a Frosted Cupcake!