Kathy's Birthday  LbNA # 8054 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 24 2004
LocationEastford, CT
Found By Rock Island
Last Found Oct 16 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 16 2015

Placed: 1-24-04
Placed By: Teach and Preach
Rated: Moderate
Length: About 3 miles

Also bring the clues to Bigelow Brook, Stoney Brook, and St. Francis Letterboxes.
Coming from the intersection of 44 and 89 in Warrenville (Ashford) take 44 East for 3.3 miles. Coming from the intersection of routes 198 and 44 in Phoenixville (Eastford) take 44 west for .9 of a mile. You will be looking for the spot where the Natchaug trail crosses route 44. There is a blue oval sign on each side of the road showing where the trail is. You will have to park off the shoulder of the road. Headed west from Phoenixville seems to me to have the best area for parking. This trail has many intermittent brooks which cross the path and will not be included in the directions. There are several different types of terrain on this walk which is typical for the Natchaug Trail. Hope you enjoy the hike.
Take the Natchaug trail north down a small hill past foundations and walls winding up and down hills. You will be following the blue blazed Natchaug trail the entire way. It is approximately 2 miles to do the boxes. Go through a stone wall. The trail bears left uphill. When the trail turns right through another stone wall, take a reading of 235 Degrees. Just over the stonewall covered by an orange rock is Box #1. Walk through the stonewall and continue on the trail. You will go gradually downhill until you get alongside Bigelow Brook. You will walk along side the river and stone wall, then through pines. The trail bears left and gradually goes away from the brook and quickly coming back to the brook. You will see a tree with markings indicating a sharp left turn away from the brook. You will go uphill for a good distance away from the brook. It starts again downhill to a wet area and gradually to the brook's edge. Follow the trail along the edge of the brook crossing a badly broken down stone wall. Keep going, passing a short amount of barbed wire between trees and stumps along the rivers edge. You will see an old blank wooden sign nailed to a tree. After you pass this blank sign the trail will lead away from the river. It will go across a stream. Follow the Natchaug Trail till you come to a road. There is a post with "Campsite" on it. Cross over to the hugh dead tree with board nailed to it. Take 10 steps from this tree and look right for a clump of rocks. Down in the back side of the rocks is Box #2.