Stop For Ice Cream  LbNA # 8076

Placed DateApr 30 2004
LocationBlackfoot, ID
Found By dragonrider
Last Found Sep 10 2010
Hike Distance?

This box has been adopted by Dragonrider. This box was found 09/2010 by "little man" from New Hampshire while boxing in Idaho on vacation.

Check out the "Gotta Go" box in this same rest area. This is a great 15 -20 minute walk to learn about lava!
Quick and easy. You should be able to find this box in the time it takes to stop for an ice cream cone!

Go north on I-15 from Blackfoot to the rest area about mid-ways between Blackfoot and Idaho Falls.

Start behind the main building. Find the "Lava Flow Interpretive Trail" sign. A hop, skip, and a jump up that trail is a fork. Take the left fork. Only a little way farther is a gate with a "trail closed" sign on it. (The gate most likely will be open.) Past this gate is a picnic table without a half-circle protector. To the northeast of the table is a large,live juniper tree. Behind this tree is a smaller juniper in front of a ledge. Go to the right side of the small juniper. Find a spot where two large rocks meet. The box is underneath these rocks, hidden by juniper twigs and a triangular-shaped rock.
While you're here, you can check for Don and Gwen's "Gotta Go" box.

We hope to plant some more "quick and easy" boxes like this one, so keep your eyes open!