World's Only Double-Barrel Cannon Letterbox  LbNA # 8078 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 10 2004
LocationAthens, GA
Found By Cherokee Rose
Last Found Sep 24 2004
Hike Distance?

The World’s Only Double-Barrel Cannon - RETIRED
Difficulty: Easy (Drive-by)
Bring Your Own Ink (BYOI)


This is one of the state’s most famous landmarks, and one of the world’s best examples of flawed technology. The world's only double-barreled cannon is proudly displayed on the lawn of the Athens City Hall. The cannon was cast with two nearly parallel barrels, intended to simultaneously fire two cannonballs attached to each other by a chain. In theory, this would "mow the enemy down like scythe cuts wheat." The problem was, the capability to fire both cannonballs at precisely the same time and velocity was impossible with 1862 technology. It was tested once, destroying crops, killing a cow, and wrecking the chimney of a home.

It’s a must-see landmark, and now you can easily find a letterbox nearby. The Double-Barrel Cannon is attraction #32 on the map provided by the Athens Conventions & Visitor’s Bureau.