Choose a path- will be replaced soon (10/16/04)  LbNA # 8083 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 28 2004
LocationBirmingham, AL
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Have you visited Ruffner Mountain Nature Center lately? Did you know it is one of the largest urban nature parks in the US? That is why I hid this letterbox there.
Follow thw Quarry trail to the place wher the miners meet. Take the trail named for a citris fruit. Along the trail you may notice some wild irises and a sasparilla. Turn east onto the unnamed trail. Don't let a few fallen trees get in your way. Along this path I noticed bee balm and spider wart in bloom. The trail winds and leads down a shallow valley. As you descend, you may see a landmark if you know what to look for. Once you reach the bottom cross the shallow creek-- there is a rock path. You've found the rock crusher! there are several ruins in the nature center. Climb up to the front of the rock crusher and stand in front of the spout. Now turn around. The trail continues! Follow it up and at the fork- follow your right brain. Be careful of the cistern. To find the box you must stand at the east corner of the cistern and take one step left onto the gravel filled rock. From here look east. About thirty yards ahead you will see a tree with a hollow base. It is there.
Please leave the box in the same place and hidden from view.
Please take normal trail precautions..i.e. wear long pants, bug repellant in summer, water is good, a compass helps.
The trail is midlevel to advanced.