Centennial of Baseball  LbNA # 8086

OwnerPost Mystress    
Placed DateMay 1 2004
Location???, VA
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 30 2009
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: 7/1/09 box maintenance complete and clues revised due to changes in the area
UPDATE: 4/4/05 I've added the County because Fairfax is SOOOO BIIGGGG you'll still have to 'think' about its location.

Centennial of Baseball : Easy Mystery & even easier terrain.

The theme for this box is the Centennial of Baseball, a 3 cent stamp.

In 1878 the first White House Easter Egg Roll took place during the term of this President, whose first name is the same as this VA neighborhood park within ZIP CODE 22032.

The park has two fields for local youth clubs but only one parking lot. Begin at the beginning and head home over the foot bridge.

Once you get the KNACCK align yourself with the position played by the Oriole’s Iron Man a.k.a. The Streak. Bearing left follow the yellow line to the white post picking up the paved path along the creek but turning away from a concrete foot bridge.

Espy a hairy vine snaking up a large oak tree (no more vine but you are at the bridge with the green trash can)and keep walking just around the curve. Many trees have been downed so now you must find your way to the woodland path along the creek. Follow this path towards the rippling sounds from spring showers, perhaps a whisper in the summer, and along mossy banks.

Pause at the holly tree on your right and catch a glimpse of the double trunk with gapping holes at the base which are guarded by a thorny shrub - which when leafing-out may block your view of the find.

Therein lies a LetterBox concealed from wandering eyes.

With task complete this stamp may surely reflect the activity that fills the fields on a summer eve or Saturday.

Bring your own ink pad and learn more about the history of this 3cent stamp.

This is my first planted box and I hope you find it to your liking. I will continue Stampin' USA as the Postal Service has many wonderful stamps from which to learn.

You may send any comments to postmystress@yahoo.com especially if there is any damage or it is missing.

As always take care in any woods, especially with poison ivy at every turn.

I've added "That's all Folks!" just across the road at the parking lot - so grab those clues also.