Fox Run Park  LbNA # 809

Placed DateAug 29 2002
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs / Monument, CO
Found By Lisa
Last Found Mar 19 2015
Hike Distance?

Fox Run Park Letterbox

If you are interested in adopting this Letterbox, please contact me.

Easy to moderate access – (there is one steep hill).

It’s only about a 20 minute hike to the letterbox, but allow up to an hour if walking with meandering or curious children – there is a lot to look at along the way. You’ll probably want to stay and enjoy the park with its playgrounds and two ponds and gazebo, so bring a lunch.

Reach Fox Run Park by taking I-25 to Exit 158 Baptist Road, up the hill, past The Ridge at Fox Run subdivision. At the intersection with Roller Coaster Road, turn right (south). Pass two entrances to Fox Run Park, then turn right on Stella Drive. Enter Fox Run Regional Park from the Stella Drive Entrance.

Go left at the T intersection and go beyond the playground. Park at the lot SW of the next intersection.

From parking lot, walk north back to the stop sign
Cross the road and angle to the right to the gravel trail.
Follow trail up hill, through the Ponderosa pine trees, to a T in the trail. The lower pond will be in front of you now.

Take the left-hand path and follow it around the edge of the pond, past signs telling about Pygmy Nuthatches, Dawson Arkose, Mule Deer, Stellar’s Jays, and Black Forest.
Notice now there is a stream on your right. Keep following the trail up the hill, and eventually you will notice the Upper Pond on your right.

Go straight up to where the trail crosses the road, and cross to the north side where the trail continues. Notice the sign showing the Fox Run Park trail system. (If you’re interested in hiking/biking/horseback riding later, you may want to draw yourself a copy of this map because you can never find one when you need it.)

Hike up the hill to the top. Notice a manhole and a pipe to your right. Follow the trail North until you get to a sign on your right that says “Natural Area Policy.” Walk 55 paces further north on the trail.

Look for a pine tree about 8” wide on your right, and then notice two smaller trees also on your right. Just off the trail behind the two smaller trees, you should see a pile of logs. The Fox Run Letterbox is underneath them (hopefully!).

This is a rather exposed site, be aware that people may be walking by. It would be best to bring the box out to the trail to do the stamping (bring your own stamp pad). Place your special stamp imprint on a page in the notebook in the box and place the special Fox Run stamp imprint on a page in your notebook.

Replace the box under the logs exactly as you found it.

Time to go play by the pond, or the playground, or go mountain biking or horseback riding or jogging!