Winchester Soldiers Monument  LbNA # 8093

Placed DateMay 1 2004
LocationWinsted, CT
Planted ByPatriotic Girl    
Found By phynstar
Last Found Apr 23 2017
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WINCHESTER SOLDIERS MONUMENT--Is a tall square granite Gothic Revival tower consisting of 3 floors located high on a hill overlooking the City of Winsted and the Town of Winchester. A standard-bearer with arm akimbo stands above the battlements of the crenelated roof line, proudly looking out over the valley. Sculpted by George E. Bissell. The architectural design is unique among Civil War monuments in Connecticut. The memorial is a splendid commemoration of the 300 men who served in the Civil War. Built at a cost of $14,000, the tower properly dominates its hilltop site. The wall that runs in front of the site and the covered central entrance way in that wall, sheltering steps that lead up to the monument, repeat the material and details of the structure. The well-thought-out composition gives the two-acre site a sense of overall integrity. The rock-faced ashlar walls are flared at the bottom and tapered towards the top. Some of the individual stones are as large as 56" long, 15" high and, at the base 26" deep. The tower is 20` square at the base, 15` square at the top. Two cannons flank the door on the west elevation, towards the city.For more information check out www. Civil War Monuments Of Connecticut.

Difficulty: Very easy

Directions: From Winsted Center go west on RT. 44. Take a right between The Winsted Gas Auto Center and the Beardsley & Memorial Library. (There may be a sign here for the monument) anyhow this is (Munro Pl) continue straight crossing over Hillside Ave., at the top take a right until you come to the monument. As you begin to drive around you will see a large boulder on your left. Park here and walk to the other side of the road look for a path, just as you start down the path there is a stone wall on your left, look for a crooked tree. Your prize is under a rock at the end of the wall just before this tree.

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