Daddy's Girls  LbNA # 8101

Placed DateApr 25 2004
LocationNinety Six, SC
Found By GreyCrazy
Last Found Feb 20 2014
Hike Distance?

** Verified alive and well on 10/1/05 **

This box requires a short off-trail walk. Creeping critters like ticks are common in the south all year long-—I hope you really enjoy the find but be sure to spray well!

Terrain and Clues should be very easy, but the offtrail walk probably limits it's wheelchair accessability. The park is dog friendly though, and this find will probably take you about 10 minutes maximum once you reach the park. I'd describe this as a driveby. :-)

Visit Lake Greenwood State Park, located on Highway 702 about 10 minutes south of Ninety Six, SC. There are two entrances- just make sure you use the large, ‘normal’ front gate (it’s obvious). It is not necessary to enter the park to find this letterbox.

To find the box:

Just after turning off the road, you'll find a new parking spot with an explanation sign on the right side of the road. Pull off and park, and stop to read the sign.

Look up across the rock field in front of you and find the one large stone tilted up at an angle. Make that your goal and walk across the woods to that spot.

Stand at the foot of that stone and face the road. At "10:00", you'll find a small straight sweet gum tree growing on your left. Walk to that tree.

Just to the left of the tree, amid the larger stones, you'll find a jumble of smaller stones in the middle. Your treasure is hiding in the center.


This is a fairly open area so find, stamp, and replace carefully please. Also, the moss and ferns on the rocks create their own environment-- please try not to disturb them. Watch for poison ivy!

You might wish to continue in and visit the State Park. It's a great place to relax!

Please always hide BETTER than you found it so that our hobby can carry on!

This box was planted by my sister and I, in loving memory of our father and our days at the lake together. You can email either one of us with box problems or questions at or We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear from you!