National Bison Range  LbNA # 8128

Placed DateApr 27 2004
LocationMoiese, MT
Planted BySteve&Gwen    
Found By Montana Dave
Last Found Oct 20 2005
Hike Distance?

This letter box is placed to celebrate one of our familyís favorite places to visit, the National Bison Range. We have spent many fun-filled days at the Bison Range and we hope you will visit and enjoy the marvelous scenery, and especially the wild life. We frequently spot elk, white-tailed deer, mule deer, antelope, numerous types birds and, of course, the ever-impressive bison.

Spring time is a favorite, because we get to see all of the babies, but the Bison Range is a wonderful visit any time itís open. The main road is closed for the winter, but opens back up around May 1. However, even when the main road is closed, the lower roads are open and passable quite early in the spring and late in the fall. If the truth be told, the lower roads are where we see most of the wildlife anyway.

There is a pack-it-in-pack-it-out picnic area with outbuildings available. Itís a great place to relax on a warm afternoon and have a hot dog, a soft drink, and maybe even a smore!

If you are heading south down US 93, turn at the sign south of Ronan and follow MT 212 through Charlo to Moiese. If you are heading north up US 93, donít keep following the US 93 around the east of the Bison Range, as the entrance is on the other side. Take the railroad overpass at Ravalli, head west along MT 200 to Dixon, then turn north onto Montana 212 to Moiese.


Once youíve found my spacious home
And hitched your wagon at the gate,
Turn your back on where I roam
Your search will now initiate.

Following the modern wagon road
Turning right will aid your quest.
Over the place where fish have abode,
Quickly now, no time to rest.

Search your surroundings carefully now
The stilts of the iron horse are your goal
Under them quickly, no need to bow
Nor need to pay, there is no toll.

A marker for underground lightning you seek
And facing it youíre near the end.
To your left and down youíll carefully peek
To find the path of my white-tailed friends.

Follow the path one score and five
And then to the right youíll turn.
When at the first large juniper you arrive.
My location youíre shortly to learn.

Under the branches and at the base
Under a rock and some twigs
Success I am sure you soon will taste
As you check out my final digs.

This is our first attempt at making a stamp and placing a box, let us know what you think of both. Please, also let us know if there were any problems with the box, etc. through the site. Good luck!