Trafton Lake  LbNA # 8145 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2004
LocationLimestone, ME
Last Found Aug 31 2009
Hike Distance?

Difficulty, depending on the season. SPRING: EASY, SUMMER: HARDER, FALL: STILL HARD, WINTER: Possible, but not likely

To get to Trafton lake: If traveling between Limestone and Fort Fairfield, just out side of Limestone take Bog Road (It only goes one way.) Turn Left on Ward Road. Drive a short distance and you will see a sign marking the entrance.
From Caribou heading to Limestone on 89 turn right on Ward Road. Travel about a mile or so until you see the sign marking the entrance to the Lake.

From the Parking Area:
Find the Honey Bear Hut. Page Avenue is a good route to take.
If and when you find the Honey Bear Hut, stay on Page and watch to the left.
Through 2 poles, and your not far now. Straight in front and on the left a little ways down the road, you’ll find a Big Old Stump. Even though life has left this old tree, new life has grown from it. Look in the center of the stump and you shall find what you seek.