Moosehead  LbNA # 8163

OwnerLittle Pond    
Placed DateMay 13 2004
LocationGreenville, ME
Found By MaineMoose
Last Found Jul 3 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 26 2015

Directions to Greenville from Bangor: Get on Route 15 North. You will pass through many little towns including Corinth, Dover-Foxcroft, Guilford, Abbot, and Monson before arriving in Greenville.

This letterbox adventure lends itself nicely to a picnic, so may we suggest packing a cooler and making a pit stop at the Abbot Bakery for some goodies along the way (the whoopie pies and macaroons are our favorites!).

After your pit stop at the Abbot Bakery, you should continue traveling North on Rt. 15. You will soon pass through Monson, which was once known for its slate quarries.

Keep going.

Eventually, as you crest a hill, you will see a Rest Area on the right hand side of the road. Thus begins your treasure hunt.

Park your car and admire the view.
The letterbox lies in wait for you.

Follow the woods line down the eastern side.
Thatís where the letterbox will reside.

On your left should be a Mountain Ash.
Youíre getting closer to where itís stashed.

Look for the 2nd white birch on your right.
Now the box is just out of sight.

Look under the rock in front of the tree.
Thatís where the letterbox waits for thee.