Brer Rabbit  LbNA # 8176 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 9 2004
LocationMartensdale, IA
Found By lynn & dave
Last Found Aug 7 2007
Hike Distance?

Brer Rabbit

The Brer Rabbit Letter box is named for all the bunnies you will see along the trail. They are entertaining but won't help you find the letterbox. Brer Rabbit, He don't say nothin'.

This letterbox is located on the Great Western Trail. This walking and bike trail was the Chicago, St. Paul and Kansas City Railroad in 1899. It is now a paved, mostly level trail that runs 16.5 miles and preserves some of Iowa's endangered plants. No matter where you start your trip the walk is scenic and easy.

Start in Martensdale, Iowa which is about 2.2 miles east of the junction of I-35 and Highway 92 (Exit 56). At the western end of Iowa Street you will spot the trailhead. Parking, water, shelter and restrooms are here. Follow the trail about 3/4 mile until you find a nice spot to rest. From the resting bench look north towards the patriotic barn. I know it seems like East but it's not. Sure, there is a tree in the way of your view of the barn but it won't hinder your chance of finding the letterbox. You've got mail.

This Letterbox is missing as of 5/8/2010. Will advise when up and running again.