Red Wing  LbNA # 8206

Placed DateMay 1 2004
LocationRed Wing, MN
Planted Bym.c.bear    
Found By Roseslady
Last Found Jun 8 2010
Hike Distance?

Several bluffs surround Red Wing, Minnesota, a historic river town along the Mississippi. Memorial Park is set along a bluff overlooking the town. The turnoff to the park is well marked on Seventh Street. The paved road up to the park curves around a hill and at one point the road makes a 180 degree turn. When you get to the top of this turn the paved road makes a 90 degree turn to the left to the top of the bluff and the park. There is a fantastic view of Red Wing and the Mississippi river valley by the geological marker. It is hard to believe that at one time, the valley was 200 feet deeper than it is right now. The LB isn't up there though. When you got to the top of the 180 degree turn, there is a gravel road going into the picnic area. Go back to this road and park anywhere in the picnic area. The picnic area has its own minuture bluff you can climb. Walk along the perimeter of the picnic area and you will find a path going down into the woods. Right before the path begins you will find a birch tree to the right where you are standing with a low flat stone lying right next to the birch tree. Standing parallel to this birch tree, count 50 paces down the path. At 54 paces, look towards your left, looking slightly up the incline. You will see a growing birch that is leaning into the hill about 10 degrees. In front of the birch and lying parallel to the path you just came down, will be a broken birch trunk that is about 15 feet long lying perpendicular to the birch leaning into the hill. To the right of the leaning birch will be a low tree stump. Climb up to the tree stump and on the side facing the hill, you will find the LB covered by leaves and branches. This is my first attempt at carving letters on a stamp!!!!!