Spring Bouquet  LbNA # 8225

OwnerCamp Fire Lady    
Placed DateMay 12 2004
LocationBattle Ground, WA
Found By Happy SAHD
Last Found Jun 28 2008
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Spring Bouquet

*All boxes alive and well as of August 21, 2005*

This series is located at Battle Ground Lake State Park in Battle Ground, WA. This is a 280 acre state park 2 miles northeast of Battle Ground on a 28 acre lake. The lake is of volcanic origin and is compared to Crater Lake in Oregon. visit www.ci.vancouver.wa.us/parks-recreation for driving directions and camping and faclility use.

Clues: Easy
Trail: Mostly flat, rocky with steps.
Find Time: 1 hour
Distance: 1.005 miles
Day Use Fee: $5.00

Directions from the main parking lot:

Box #1- Daffodil
Head down to the dock
Take the first trail with 2 rocks.
To the first marker you find
Leave your strollers behind.
Where the three cedars grow
At the small one look below.

Box #2- Calla Lilly
Continue on
It won't be long.
Past the forest of rocks
You will soon find the box.
To the left is a cedar marked by three
Two boulders and a holly tree.

Box #3- Iris
Past bench one and bench two
Keep the lake in your view.
Go under and stop there
turn to the left and say "where"?
Find a log that has seen better days
Reach back to where the letterbox lays.

Box #4- Rose
Lead on my young friends
For the trail has an end.
But before you are there
There's one thing I will share.
At the fork in the road
Take the high trail I'm told.
To the top of the track
Go left and walk back.
When you reach 33
Head up to the fallen tree.
Where it splits in the middle
We are almost to the end of this riddle.
To the hole in the log
Watch out for that frog!
Waits box number four
and these clues are no more.

Please be discreet for this trail is a high traffic area. It would be a good idea to take along a trash bag since others don't know the meaning of Pack It In, Pack It Out. Always wear gloves when reaching into dark holes and please rehide the letterboxes well!