Butt Bridge  LbNA # 8239 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 14 2004
LocationAugusta, GA
Found By Killer Bs
Last Found May 22 2010
Hike Distance?

**The box is gone and the trees have been cut down. 14Jan11.

The Butt Bridge was dedicated by President Taft to local hero Maj. Archibald Butt, who was born in Augusta and died in 1912 on the Titanic after helping women and children into lifeboats. A few years ago there was a big debacle because the D.O.T. wanted to demolish it, but thanks to vehement supporters of the bridge, it is still standing complete with its gilded lions, eagles and interesting ironwork. The view of the bridge and the nearby mill is spectacular at dusk!

The Butt Bridge goes over the Augusta Canal. You will find the bridge on the segment of 15th Street between Broad Street and Walton Way(both aforementioned streets run perpendicular to 15th Street).

To find the box, stand on the bridge and look for a large stone marker with a tablet that says "Dennis Gahill" (a person who tried to save a drowning child). It is near the southeast corner of the bridge, on the south bank of the canal. Stand facing the tablet and before you, you will see a trail leading along the south bank of the canal.

Begin walking forward on the trail. The canal will be on your left, and a row of bushy tree clusters will be on your right. Keep walking until you reach the fifth tree cluster. This will also be the last tree cluster in the row. Walk around to the side of that cluster that faces the Calhoun Expressway overpass, and since it's really two sub-clusters in one, approach the leftmost sub-cluster. The box will be in the dark space encircled by all the mini-trees in the cluster (it's practically IN the tree).

It's sort of dark in there, so watch out for snakes. Watch out for poison ivy, because even though there wasn't any in that spot at the time I placed the box, there were a few vines of it nearby and I wouldn't put it past them to spread as the summer progresses. I recommend the kind of gloves that cover your arms.

There will be walkers, runners, bikers, and fishermen in the area, so try and be as discreet as you can.