The Glen  LbNA # 8244

Placed DateMay 13 2004
LocationYellow Springs, OH
Found By tenfootedcrew
Last Found Jul 18 2009
Hike Distance?

Where: Corry St. off of Rt. 68
State: Ohio
Park: Glen Helen Nature Reserve (Owned by Antioch College)

Start at the Glen Helen Park’s main entrance parking lot. Find the covered map in a small open-air roofed structure near the entrance. Head East down steps. Follow the trail past the Trail Side Museum and down large amount of steps. Count the steps from the top of the trail all the way down to the boardwalk and remember the number. Go to the part of the boardwalk where the two parts meet and count the number of decking boards to the first cross-tie on the NE part of the boardwalk. Remember this number also. Now, cross the bridge and follow the path to a T. Turn right (South) and then cross the river on stepping stones. Turn Left (NE) at the first path you encounter after the river. Follow this trail… Along the river, then up a big hill and over a big log (This may take a while, just keep going). A the top of the hill turn left (Big Maple tree in middle of path) and continue across a small gully. About 100 ft. after the gully there is a single root of a Maple tree crossing the path and another small path branching off to the right. Stop. Now for numbers ---

The number of steps / 2 = _____
The number of decking boards X 7 = _______
(The two should be within about 10 of each other)

Use either number and follow the trail on the right about that many feet. You will come to a large stump. About ¼th of the way around the stump there is a rock covering a hole. There ‘tis. Good job. Please stamp and then recover hole with rock. If you want, you can follow the trail around. Just continue down the trail, cross the waterfall, and the follow the river back to the stepping stones.