Fisherperson (kid friendly)  LbNA # 8257 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerAbe, Gail and Roby    
Placed DateMay 15 2004
LocationCharlotte, NC
Found By kilroy
Last Found May 11 2005
Hike Distance?

Our grandson Roby suggested the stamp and helped us plant this one. Allow an hour or two at leisurely pace.
Easy walking on wide improved trail. Enjoy!

- Sept 3, 2006 - This box is missing. As soon as some of my more serious travelling is over, it will be replaced.
- Nov 13, 2004 - We replaced the stamp with one more like the original stamp. The box is in excellent condition
- Box replaced July 1, 2004 after reported MIA.
- Box checked Sept 26, 2004 and found in excellent shape.
- THANKS to all who carefully replaced it!!

The entrance to Reedy Creek Park is in eastern Mecklenburg County on the South side of Rocky River Road just East of the junction of Rocky River Road and Grier Road.

Begin your hunt for the Fisherperson Letterbox by downloading information about Reedy Creek Park and downloading the map you will find at with search words “ Reedy Creek Park Map “ WITHOUT THE QUOTES. The first one in the list worked for us.

Enter Reedy Creek Park and follow the main road. When the road “T’s” into another road, take the road to the left and follow the signs to the Lakes. Park in the parking lot near shelter #3. There are restrooms inside.

Find your way from the parking lot adjacent to shelter #3 to the Fishing pier on Dragonfly Pond.

Walk out onto the fishing pier and take a moment to look at the pond and perhaps talk to some of the Fisherpersons to learn a bit about the pond and what fish they catch there. Return to the Dragonfly Trail and continue on around Dragonfly Pond.

When you return from the fishing pier to Dragonfly Trail, make sure you turn in the direction indicated by the letter found at the position in the alphabet corresponding to the number of vertical posts on the fishing pier. (A=1, B=2..).

The smiley face painted on a “curvy” tree on the right side of the trail will assure you that you have been going in the correct direction. No, we did not paint the smiley face on the tree. Any idea how it got there?

Continue uphill on up the trail past culverts with large stones, and on past a tree of three to the left of the trail.

Further on the Dragonfly Trail, you will come to a tree in the middle of the trail, Look for the “Woody the XIII throne” on your right. It is a stump that is in the form of a seat. Can you decipher the graffiti on the chair?

A short way further, the Kingfisher Pond Trail branches to the right. Continue on the Dragonfly Trail. If you like, take a walk down the Kingfisher Tail. That trail runs between the Kingfisher Pond and the Dragonfly Pond. It is a quiet place where you may spot some interesting wildlife. Return to the Dragonfly Trail and continue to the right in the direction you were going.

Stop at the gate on your left. Notice the barbed wire and the remains of one of the farm out buildings. This area would have been a great place for a farm since the area is almost devoid of rocks. Pause for a moment and ponder on what life might have been like here. What crops were grown here? Were there animals on this farm? Could there have been a Fisherperson living here that fished in the ponds? What did they catch? As a side project, try to research information about the family that used to live there and what happened to them

Retrace your path for 20 paces and you will notice a faint path on your right.

Proceed down the path due east for 42 paces and find a tight group of six trees of various sizes close to the barbed wire fence. There in the center of that group of six trees you will find the Fisherperson Letterbox covered by bark and leaves.

After stamping in and making a note to report the condition of the box, carefully replace it and cover it with bark and leaves.

Return to the path and continue on past the gate on your left and follow the signs to the Nature Center. There you will find some interesting exhibits on local wildlife and knowledgeable people that may be able to answer some of your questions as well as restrooms.

To return, you have three options:
1. Continue on the Dragonfly Trail in the same direction back to Dragonfly Pond near the fishing pier.
2. Return on the Dragonfly Trail the way you came past the gate and farm site. On the way back, at the branch, take the Kingfisher Trail to the left to return to the parking lot.
3. Retrace your original route.