Placed DateMay 16 2004
LocationBakersfield, CA
Found By PenGwen
Last Found Feb 24 2005
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 29 2015


The Kern River rises in the S. Sierra Nevada in NE Tulare Co., in the NE corner of Sequoia National Park.
U.S. explorer John Frémont named the river in honor of Edward M. Kern, the topographer of his 3d expedition. Gold was discovered along the river in 1853. Water from river’s lower course and Buena Vista Lake are used for irrigating the Bakersfield area and are also channeled into the Calif. Aqueduct and other canals, leaving the river with no natural outlet.

To begin your Letterboxing Discovery of Moderate Difficulty, begin at the designated parking lot for Panorama Park, located at the intersection of River Blvd. and Panorama Dr. Begin walking in a westwardly direction upon the paved trail which overlooks the oil wells in the valley below. To your right you will pass the stone Texaco marker titled, “Kern River Oilfield.” Keep walking until you pass first one palm tree to your right, then find yourself walking between two palms trees on either side of you. Immediately after these trees, turn right and head down the dirt trail which heads north at first, then turns to the east as it slopes down steeply to the canal below.
You should be able to sight the two bridges which span the canal. Head towards these bridges. The one on the right, an old railroad crossing, is your target. It reads, “COTTON BELT” in white lettering along it’s side. Cross the bridge to reach the north side of the canal. Climb down under the bridge by taking the path to the east of it. Once under the bridge, look upwards between the center two railroad ties. Wedged far to the back is a transparent blue letterbox !!!