The Mole  LbNA # 832

Placed DateNov 3 2002
LocationVienna, VA
Found By Janila
Last Found Apr 11 2015
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The Mole

Foxstone Park
1910 Creek Crossing
Vienna, VA

Placed by BeMa on Nov. 3rd, 2002
(Adopted by FamilyMan--sighting on 28 DEC 2004, letterbox is in good shape. Clues below have been edited to reflect replaced box, but otherwise are in BeMa's original words.)

Clues: easy
Hike: easy

Pets allowed on leashes.
No bathrooms, gets muddy after it rains.

Inmate #48551-083/D cannot go boxing. Nor can he do much else. Because, on Sunday, February 18th, 2001 at this very unpretentious suburban park (our best babysitter's house backs up to it) he was arrested for betraying his country. He betrayed his family, his company (or should I say bureau) the FBI, the Russians aiding the U.S. whose identities he divulged, for money. Inmate #48551-083D, as of his sentencing on May 10, 2002, now resides in a super maximum security prison in Colorado -- for life. This man was Robert

In an effort to commemorate a little bit of history and perhaps erase some of the stigma caused by his actions, we dedicate this letterbox. You need no money to enjoy it and you can spend some time with your family. Let's let the true purpose of this little park shine through!

The entrance to Foxstone Park is very small and easy to miss. It is nestled in the woods on the side of Creek Crossing in Vienna. From Tysons Corner, off the Beltway, take 123 into Vienna. Take a right onto East Street. Go through the first stop sign (intersection with Church Street). At the next stop sign, take a right onto Creek Crossing. Before the hill heads back up again, on the right, is a cul de sac owned by the town of Vienna. You can't
dump there, but you should be able to park. If you pass Fairway Drive you've gone too far (which isn't a good thing 'cause then you would be too close our old house and would see what a mess they made out of the landscaping....). The entrance to Foxstone Park is across Creek Crossing opposite to this cul de sac.

Enter the park and take the path to the right. Follow this wide paved path feeling free to crunch on all the leaves. Pass the very old swing set and concrete tunnel on the left.

Continue down the path (if you go off of it you might get mired in the mud!) and cross over the bridge. Pass by an above ground sewer manhole marked with an "s" Cross over the stream by way of the stepping stones further ahead on the left. Back on dry land, take the path to the right and continue deeper into the park. Pass between the metal bars and cross over the bridge to your right. We know this puts you right back on the first path, but it's a fun little excursion. After all, who doesn't like crossing bridges and stepping stones?!

We believe, after looking at all the bridges and comparing them with the news clippings, that this last bridge may have been the drop site for the spy and his Russian handlers.

After crossing the bridge, and contemplating this sad state of affairs, you may need a dose of innocence. So, stand and gaze ahead at the playground. Continue to the left, and turn right at the near side of the basketball court. At the edge is a shallow ditch leading into the woods. Follow the ditch for 7 steps. To the left is a small, not the smaller, boxwood. Look under the small one. Be careful of the thorn bushes around.

Once you've found the stamp and successfully figured out just what it was supposed to be... enjoy yourselves on the playground -- it's a far cry from a cement cell....

If there are any problems with this box, please contact FamilyMan, genealogy_va at yahoo dot com. Thank you!