The Wild West  LbNA # 8321

Placed DateMay 20 2004
LocationBoise, ID
Found By uneksia
Last Found Sep 12 2010
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The Wild West

Difficulty: Easy, not wheelchair accessible.

Directions: Take exit 64, Blacks Creek Road, off of I-84. There's a sign that says "Historic sight, 3 1/2 miles." Turn left off the road at the "Bonneville Point Interpretive Sight" sign and follow the gravel road.

Clues: Go to the walk-through gate to the west of the covered information area. Stand in front of the "Day Use Only" sign. From this point, take 49 steps at 30 degrees to a flat pile of rocks that looks like a grave. Go north for 3 more steps to a sagebrush. The cowboy's gear is under the bush hidden by rocks.

Be careful of snakes, we saw two when searching for a spot to hide the box. Be sure to bring gloves!