Universal Language  LbNA # 833

Placed DateDec 30 2002
LocationVienna, VA
Found By adventurebabe
Last Found Apr 6 2009
Hike Distance?


Freedom Hill Park
Old Courthouse Rd.
Vienna, VA
December 30, 2002

Placed by BeMa.
(Adopted by FamilyMan: confirmed sighting--28 DEC 2004. The clues below are BeMa's original words, with minor editing.)

One of the things that we really like about the DC area is the diversity of its people. Whether due to the diplomatic community or just a popular place for immigrants, one can meet people from all over the world just around the corner!

So, it is to those people (and those who came before – our relatives being some of them – and those who were already here when we came) that we dedicate this next box call “Universal Language”. It is fittingly placed in a park called freedom as freedom is what brought many to this country to start with.

O.K. enough with the sentimentality. The trick to finding this box is in translating the parts of the clues that are in one of five european languages (only three of which we speak and none too well….). If you have any trouble, you can try a bi -lingual friend, a dictionary or one of the free translating services on the web.

Have fun and Buena Suerte! Bonne Chance! Viel Gluck! Buono Fortuna! Boas de Sorte!

Estacione in the circular Parkplatz and proceed to the segno o parque listing all the reglement (“park closes at dark”, etc.) Comenzando at that senal, count off dreizehn parking spaces heading in a direction dans le sens inverse des aiguilles d’une montre.

Go down the paved Pfad you are facing, entre les arbres. Pass the cour de jeu a la sinistra. Pass dois rust-colored poteaux. Stop at the il terzo poteau. Stand with your dos toward the odd “ampitheater-like” area (could it be a pequena plaza de toros? An enclosure for les ours de Bern? Un luoga di ballare the polka round and round? We think it was the scene of an Oktoberfest judging from all the beer cans we cleaned up there!).

Take a reading of zweihundertundvierzig Grad which should point you toward a sentier de terre heading into a floresta. From the path side of il marciapiede , count cinquenta e tres Schritte into la foresta following this ungepflastertem. You should see a arvore a la derecha with a bar zweigstelle (at about thigh-height) that parece como a spigot for tapping Ahorn sirup.

Continue ocho pasos from this baum and use your brujula to find dreihundertundvierzig degrees. Take cinque steps in that direction. You should see deux arbres conjuntos ahead. The mais magrinho looks like a candy cane with diagonal cicatrices made from plante grimpante que ya no esta.

Look dietro these alberi au-dessous d’un petit bloc de ciment, les feuilles, ramos pequenos, etc. Voila! Bien venue, bienvenida, benvenuto, boas vindas und willkommen! You have found a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE for us all!

We hope that you found this box muy divertido, uma aventura, viel Spass, piacevole et un veritable tresor extraordinaire! We would love to hear from you, in any language, at (genealogy_va at yahoo dot com).