Our Irish wedding  LbNA # 8339 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 23 2004
CountyNew London
LocationNorwich, CT
Found By auntie shellie
Last Found Apr 17 2006
Hike Distance?

Our Irish wedding

(26 may 2006)
Sadly, It appears some "evil leprecauns" crashed our wedding... our pot of gold was found vandelized and has been pulled for repair. Invitations will go out to all when the party starts anew!

This is our first letterbox we have placed and we wanted something to remind us of our love for being outdoors, letterboxing and each other!! We were married near St. Patrick's day and our letterboxing friends all attended. A word of advice... Wear bug repellant as this is a wooded section. This is a short hike and IS child friendly but please watch your footing in some areas!!

From route 395, take route 2 East to the end of the expressway in Norwich. At the intersection go straight to Route 169. At your first light, take a right onto Ox hill rd. Round the rotary to Wilderness rd, then right onto Mohegan park road. Go through the stop sign at the swimming area and go past the children's play area on the right. On your right, you will see a sign marking the entrance for the old Zoo and Monkey house parking area. Enter this parking lot and park your vehicle.

Proceed to walk back to the main road the way you came in. Find the stop sign at the end as that will be your starting point. At the stop sign, take a bearing of 150 degrees and carefully cross the road and locate the (dirt) path on the other side. Take a bearing of 162 degrees and follow path for approx. 60 paces (count both footfalls). You will approach a small waterfall on your left where a small brook runs along the trail. There you will take a bearing of 90 degrees and (carefully) cross the brook.

On the other side of the brook, Find an Oak tree with a Hole in its trunk facing 40 degrees. Stand at that hole and take a bearing of 100 degrees. Take 5 paces and you should be standing on a mediun size flat stone. Look underneath this stone for the prize protected by a vertical rock gate. Stamp in and rehide.

Follow your way back out and enjoy what other activities this park has to offer. Other letterboxes in this area include "the Indian and the fountain" and "Dragon's fire".