Ma's Artistic Box  LbNA # 835 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 7 2003
LocationVienna, VA
Found By Team Mocha
Last Found Oct 21 2007
Hike Distance?

Originally placed by BeMa and adopted in May 2008 by FamilyMan

Ma's Artistic Box

Wolf Trails Park

Old Courthouse Rd.

Vienna, VA

Planted by BeMa

January 7, 2003

Directions – easy, Walk – easy

No bathrooms (unless you count the trees…)

Two playgrounds (one is a tot lot)

Ma’s philosophy is that art is everywhere you look (and that’s not just because she used to draw on the walls and furniture when she was little…). With this thought in mind, she designed the stamp for this box on her own. It is a contemporary reflection of her creative self. She hopes you like it and have fun looking for it. P.S. She planted it in one of her favorite playgrounds just to make sure you and your family would have a great outing.

Park in the lot and look for the silver squiggle. It could be a sculpture, but it really has a more mundane purpose than that (think two wheels with streamers or a bell – where would you park it?). Count the number of curves (top and bottom). Remember that number.

Look eastward and find the piece of playground equipment that is in primary colors. Count the number of windows. Remember that number.

Walk southward across lots of triangles and find a path that journeys between a big flat circle and a couple of big rectangles with lots more rectangles painted on top (hint, one is Be and Ma’s favorite place to play, the other is preferred by Da). Take this path upward. Add the number of curves and the number of windows. Count this many fence posts as you go up the path toward a place for one of Ma’s other favorite activities. After this number of posts, take a left. Keep straight until you find something that can be the final resting place of a piece of art that did not meet Ma’s high standards. Pass this receptacle on your left. Then take a right and follow the path into the woods.

Ma’s other favorite creative venue is acting or at least loudly stating her opinion and thoughts. With this in mind, pass the stump on the right that would make a great soapbox for her to speak from. Continue ahead.

A third creative outlet is music. Ma loves to sing like "Bitteny Beers" whenever her hit clips or karaoke machine are on (or whenever we’re driving down the highway, or waiting in line at the bank….) Pass a structure on the left that could look like a musical staff (if you count the ground as “E” and then count up “G,B,D,F”). Right after this long running “musical staff” is another one, this time on the right. Count off 23 “bars of music”.

Look to your left and you should see a solid stump, just the right size, perhaps, to display some of Ma’s artwork if it wasn’t all over the fridge and her room door at home. Next to this stump lay two parallel logs heading off in a direction, which reads approximately 210 degrees. Walk along this longer log the same number of giant steps as there are colors in the rainbow (please note that the Gymboree version of the song is not scientifically correct and will leave you short by one…) By your feet, under a rock, and a log, and leaves and just about anything else we could pile up on top of it, nestles an artistic treasure. P.S. The artist would like to state for the record that you can stamp her design any which way, horizontally, vertically, upside down whatever as it is an interpretive piece…”

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