Tower Trail  LbNA # 8364 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2004
LocationJacksonville, FL
Found By Corrina
Last Found Apr 12 2005
Hike Distance?

*** 11/21/05 - pulled this box today for some maintenance. Will post back here when its in place again. ***

Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Well marked trails and boardwalks
Overall Time: 30 minutes, unless you go exploring

This letterbox is located in Westside Regional Park, one of the largest parks belonging to the City of Jacksonville, and a real gem. It has several miles of hiking trails, a playground, picnic tables & pavilions, and a mountain biking trail. The park includes pine forests and swampland, and is home to many different animals including deer, tortoises, snakes, and lots of squirrels (I've seen them all at one time or another.) Entry to the park is from US Highway 17 (Roosevelt Blvd. through Jacksonville).

From I-295, take the US 17 exit and head north a couple of miles. The entrance is on your left, just across the road from NAS Jacksonville's main gate.

From I-10 West, take the US 17 exit and head south (take the McDuff Ave. exit if coming from I-10 East, and make a right to get to US 17.) Continue for several miles - when you see the airfield for NAS Jacksonville on the left, you're getting close. The main entrance will be on your right, just across from the NAS Jax main gate.

Directions to the box:
From the park entrance, drive all the way to the end of the road and park near the Nature Center. Take the trail that starts at the Nature Center - you'll soon see a sign for the Tower Trail. Follow the trail (its marked with numbered posts and blue blazes on the trees.) You'll go over several boardwalks, wooden bridges, and an old brick road. Keep on the Tower Trail though - there are many forks in the trail, so if you're ever unsure of a route, look for the blue blazes and numbered posts.

When you get to trail marker #12 (it has the number '12' on it), you're very close. You should be standing at the beginning of another boardwalk. On the left (south) side, count off the number of horizontal support trestles that stick out on the side. Under the boardwalk, on top of the third set of trestles, lies the Tower Trail letterbox. Be sure to read through the logbook once you get it out.

Please be very careful and discrete when retrieving and replacing this box. This park can get very busy, so you may have to wait awhile to be able to get near the box or put it back.