Be's Search For The Mushroom Kingdom  LbNA # 837 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 17 2003
LocationVienna, VA
Found By jem_heist
Last Found Oct 23 2004
Hike Distance?

Originally placed by BeMa and adopted in May 2008 by FamilyMan


Glyndon Park
Beulah Rd.
Vienna, VA
Planted by BeMa
January 15, 2003
Rated E for everyone!
Directions – easy, Walk – easy
Bathrooms, playground

Be is a serious student. If he wants to learn about something, he studies it. And, if he wants to be something someday – he practices – a lot! So, keeping in mind his future desire to be the A#1 video game designer for Nintendo, the hours he spends on his Gameboy Advance and glued to the controllers of the Game Cube are commendable, even maturely ambitious…

Be’s current gaming favorite is Mario. Mario is a character that many of us slightly older folks will remember wistfully as a compatriot of Mr. And Ms. Pac Man et. al. 1980’s generation of arcade games, Donkey Kong. Well, since then, Mario has ditched the ape and gathered a new set of friends including a flying dinosaur named Yoshi. In this, his latest adventure, our hero seeks to rescue the fair Peach, Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom (she prefers the nickname Peach, and can you blame her?!) Princess Peach is being held in the clutches of the EVIL Bowser!!! (booooooo, hisssss). If you follow the directions carefully and avoid all enemies – you will succeed! So load up your fire-flower, FLUDD (water canon), Starman (invincibility) and may the force be with you (ooooops – wrong adventure!)

Park your Mario Kart in the Glyndon Park lot off of Beulah Rd. (not far from Maple Avenue in Vienna). Hop on Yoshi (your fluttering dinosaur) and follow the paved path into the woods. Yoshi says (in Yoshi language) that he’s going to eat a lot of enemies and leave a lot of eggs in his wake (apparently after he eats the enemies, he digests them and, well, they come out the other end as eggs [cooooool!]…) Pass a suspicious structure on the right. Could it be the hiding place of some electric Koopas?!! Nah – it’s just a power generator. Continue through the trees passing a very low and freshly shorn stump on the right. Was it the victim of a Hammering Brother?!! Yoshi is on high alert! Flutter on past the playground on the right where you can spy a red and yellow Kart. Perhaps they are the abandoned vehicles of super heroes who had sought to help the fair Peach – and failed!! (da, da, da, daaaaaaa…) You are the only hope now!

You contemplate seeking shelter by the picnic tables on the left and right but decide to press on. “This is no time to have lunch!” Bear left on the path as you head down hill. At the bottom, in front of a building, you spy a water fountain. You fill up FLUDD (your water canon) and take the path to the right, on the look out for spikes. Luckily, the only spikes you see are the ones on the shoes of the baseball players as you head past the field on the left. You come to the top of a hill and survey the land. Below you see a familiar Mario mini-game sight – a basketball court. Although it is not an official Mario sport, such as tennis or racing, you head on down to the court anyway. Continue past the big green wall, stopping perhaps to spray off the graffiti that mars its surface. At the end of the court, peer off into the woods and you will see a little path and a bridge. Approach the bridge, but do not cross! Instead, peer to the northeast and find a funny stump that kind of looks like a spiky fence post. Next to that post, on the left, is a whole, live tree (with some pretty green ivy – even in the winter time). At the base of this tree, under lots and lots of sticks, awaits our precious Peach. She leans in to give you a big kiss for rescuing her (eeeewwww!) you request an image of her instead to keep forever by your heart. Well done our hero! You have defeated Bowser. “Mama Mia”, you realize, it’s late and your brother Luigi is waiting for you at the pizza parlor! Hi Yo Yoshi (ooooops -- wrong hero). Off you ride into the sunset. TO BE CONTINUED…

We hope you enjoyed this latest Mario adventure, designed expressly for you by Be, future game developer extraordinaire! Please let us know if it was a virtual reality thriller, or, if you’re heading back to plug into the TV. Write us at