Boom Box  LbNA # 8377 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2004
LocationArco, ID
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The next time you are in Southeastern Idaho on Hwy. 20 between Arco and Carey, you really should stop at this extensive lava flow park. Pay the $5.00 entrance fee and spend several hours learning about this unique geological area. There are hiking trails, campground, picnic tables, even some lava tube caves. It's worth your drive from point A to point B.

To find the "Boom" Box, stop at the overlook just north of the entrance to the park. There's plenty of parking on the black cinders. Read the information signs. Walk over the large black cinder area to sagebrush. You should see the Big Southern Butte. To the south of that is a lower ridge. Walk to a sign post that has no message. From beside the post take your reading of 95 degrees, you should be in a line with that lower ridge south of the Big Southern Butte. Through the sagebrush take about 50 steps. You should be near the edge. From where you stand is a large group of rocks to the south, you should be at the group to the northeast. The box you seek is under some rocks that are a few feet away from that group of rocks.

This is my son's first carving and hiding. The name comes from what this area probably sounded like about 2000 years ago.

Sadly, this box is missing. We checked on June 19, '05.