The Hunt for the Borg Cube  LbNA # 8399

Placed DateMay 27 2004
CountyLos Angeles
LocationClaremont, CA
Planted Bymoderndulcinea    
Found By chaosmanor
Last Found Jun 28 2012
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The Hunt for the Borg Cube
(Johnson Meadows)

Note: Be sure to bring sunblock and water. At one point you will need to walk through tall grasses for 15-20 feet, so you may want to wear long pants to protect your legs.


From Foothill Blvd. or Sector 210, take Mountain Ave, heading north.

Go all the way up Mountain. Take the last right into the Via Santa Catarina Quadrant. At the far reaches of this quadrant, your journey will begin. Look for the sign warning against Bounty Hunting - it is a good indication that the Borg are nearby.

Plot a course through the sector's entrance, then immediately left, going up towards the two large sentinels posted there. Your onboard computers may detect an electrical surge as you pass the sentinels.

Keep going straight. Ahead, you'll see a yellow marker beacon reading "BP&L." What can it mean? You aren't sure, but you log the encounter and continue a straight course, passing the marker on your right.

Soon you'll come up on a second marker beacon. Judging by the desolate surroundings and burned-out skeletons of starships, it's likely that this beacon was a cry for help from a ship assimilated by the Borg. You check the beacon carefully. It came from the U.S.S. Starship Johnson. You continue onward, passing a small star system and 6 large satellites lined up in a row along your starboard side. Keep going.

You reach a third beacon! You keep following the course ahead. Then you spy a primitive Borg prison on the right. You stop to look through the chains down into the pit, just to make sure no one has been captured. Luckily, it is empty. You continue your course, noting the signs of destruction along the way.

After a curve to the right, the space lane widens into a larger area, a spacelane intersection. One spacelane makes a sharp left up and behind you, but you will continue straight. Off to the right in the distance, you notice strange metallic structures. These are not like the sentinels you passed. What are they? Someone in Engineering jokes that they look like ice cream cones resting in metal holders.

To the left of the cones, straight ahead of you, is a large, round, green organic object. This is your target. Keep going straight.

Onboard sensors are showing that Borg are in the area. You are close. Your orders are specific: on your starboard side, look for two large organic structures that resemble Terran trees. They're considerably bigger than anything else in the immediate area. You'll reach the larger tree first, but it is set back from the space lane. Then you'll see the smaller tree, immediately adjacent to the lane.

Across the spacelane from the smaller tree is a metal structure, similar to those used to drain water and navigational hazards. From there, you can also see a white starship in the distance.

Once you've spotted the white ship in the distance on the port side, the two trees on the starboard side, and the metallic drain, you know you're in position. You beam to the surface.

Now, you climb up the embankment towards the biggest tree. Signs of carnage are everywhere: there is a barren circle of blackened rocks under the tree. Stand right next to the tree, on the righthand side.

See the ice cream cone metal thing in the distance? You take 5 steps towards it.

Then you stop and turn right.

Sensors indicate you are very, very close. Your heart starts pounding against your ribcage as you ready your weapons. You take 5 more steps toward a large asteroid that is surrounded by blackened rocks. Your guts tell you that the Borg Cube is lurking inside that rubble!