Jump Off Rock Series  LbNA # 8402

OwnerMunchkin Stamper    
Placed DateMay 22 2004
LocationHendersonville, NC
Found By Mari P.
Last Found Aug 19 2014
Hike Distance?

Terrain: see each box below
1 Pace = half of a complete 2 step
This letterbox series contains "hand carved" stamps.

Sept 2012 - only 2 boxes of the original 3 are left. Also it might only actually be one that still exists. The Rock letterbox may be missing.

I would appreciate any emails keeping me posted on the condition of these boxes. I live in Michigan and only make it to this area a couple of times a year. Thanks.

Note: Bring compass, ink pad, pen or pencil. This park is well traveled at times. Please be discreet when stamping in as to not give away the location of the box to others who may be passing by. Always leave the land better than you found it. All emails appreciated on status of these letterboxes. Thanks.

Jump Off Rock is a scenic over look that provides a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge and Pisgah mountain ranges. Jump Off Rock also holds an Indian legend that has been passed down for many, many years. Over 300 years ago a young Cherokee Indian maiden received word that her young Indian Chief had been killed in battle, so she climbed to the edge of the rock and jumped off. Legend suggests that on moonlit nights you can see the ghost of the maiden on Jump Off Rock. The view alone is worth the trip! Jump Off Rock is located about 5 miles from downtown Hendersonville at the end of Laurel Park Hwy. Hours are sunrise to sunset. Parking is very near to the rock.

Clues to "The Rock" Letterbox
Terrain: Moderate – 10 minute trail.
Container size: regular (could use some hitch hiker company)

At the entrance to the park you will first come upon the parking area with the sidewalk to Jump Off Rock in view in the center. DO NOT approach the side walk or get close to the actual Jump Off Rock. Don’t take the Blue Trail that is a few feet from the rock, that’s where the Blue Trail ends. Instead, take the Blue Trail that begins on the left side of the parking area (as you are facing the rock), just the other side of those parking spaces on the left. Follow down the wooden stairs on the Blue Trail. The wooden stairs will end, go a few steps and then more stairs. Now the trail flattens out a bit but has a slight decline. just as you curve to the right, look to your right to grouping of large Rhododendron trees. This grouping is the very first bunch of Rho trees that you come upon. there is a ledge with a rock under it, under it is “The Rock” letterbox. If you continue on the path you will come to Jump Off Rock. PLEASE rehide this well with leaves and sticks over it and be sure to cover again with the small flat rock.

Clues to "Spirit Moon" Letterbox
Terrain: Easy
From the parking lot facing the rock you will see the RED TRAIL to your right. Follow down that trail a very short distance; you’ll come upon a resting area. To figure out where the Sprit Moon is resting you must complete the puzzle. Numbers 2, 2, and 17 – where do they fall in the alphabet?
_____, _____, ____ Once you have completed your clue, you’ll have to climb upward a short distance. Look behind the left side of your clue, the first grouping of small trees with a log across at ground level, the Spirit Moon awaits. It has a rock on it; please replace that rock to keep it safe.

Thanks for stopping and enjoy the view!