Last of the Mohicans Series  LbNA # 8403

OwnerMunchkin Stamper    
Placed DateMay 20 2004
LocationChimney Rock, NC
Found By Psalm1.123
Last Found Apr 21 2012
Hike Distance?

October 2010- Alice & Uncas is missing. All other boxes in good condition as far as I know.

This letterbox series contains "hand carved" stamps.

1 Pace = half of a 2 stride step
Note: Bring ink pad, pen or pencil and compass. Please be discreet when stamping in as to not give away the location of the box to others who may be passing by. Always leave the land better than you found it. I would enjoy any comments from visitors via email, I live in Michigan and only make it to this area a couple of times a year. Thanks!

Chimney Rock Park is a privately owned Natural Heritage Site located 25 miles southeast of Asheville, on US 64/74-A. To learn more about its location, hours and entrance fees, go to . This link also gives information about the trails.

If you’ve seen the movie “Last of the Mohicans”, you will remember the breathtaking scenery of mountains, trails, and waterfall. Some of the scenes from the movie are pointed out in an informational pamphlet you will receive when you enter the park. Follow the trails and see if you can feel what Hawkeye, Cora and Duncan experienced in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Take in the fresh air as you stand where Magua and Uncas battled for the gentle English girl, Alice.

Be sure to stop at the Chimney and enjoy the unbelievable view. You can get to the top by riding up the 26-story elevator or you may choose to take the stairs. Check out the give shop and snack area where you can buy some lunch and eat it up there close to the Chimney. Please take note – hikers might want to visit the rest room prior to heading for the trails, there are no rest rooms on the trails. Be sure to take plenty of water and a camera.

Box #1 (Alice)& Box #2 (Duncan)are located at the lowest end of the park in the Great Woodland Adventure; rest rooms near by. Box #3 Cora is just a short walk from Box #1 & Box #2.

Box #1 - "Alice" - Less than a 5 minute walk. (This box is currently missing and will be replaced but follow clues to get to Duncan)

Park nearest the Great Woodland Adventure. You will see the climbing tower. Find GRADY THE GROUNDHOG near the start of the trail and walk until you can read information about "spiders". At the base of the footbridge there is a large tree on the left - look under the bridge support leg nearest that tree. "Alice" awaits. Be sure to put the rock back on top of the container. Continue on to find "Duncan" (see next set of clues).

Box #2 - "Duncan" - short distance from "Alice". (Confirmed June 2007) Continue on the trail at the Great Woodland Adventure. Stop when you get to the "Turtle" decked landing. On the approach of that deck; look to the left at the base of the support column just around the corner. Please put sure to replace the rock on top for safety.

You can continue on this trail or turn around and go back to the parking lot to begin "Cora" (see below for clues).

Box #3 - "Cora" - Less than a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. (Confirmed June 2007)

Standing at the entrance of the Great Woodland Adventure - walk across the road to the Four Seasons Trail. You will follow this trail over a small plank walkway; then up the trail on large rocks then down some wooden stairs. Stop - take just a few steps and take a look. You come to a kind of small open area. On your left there will be a standing pine tree with 3 downed logs behind and extending to the right of the pine. Walk up to the downed logs; behind the second one (in the middle) are some rocks - under them is "Cora". You can continue up the trail or go back to the parking lot to move your car to find "Magua" and "Uncas".

Box #4 "Magua" is located on the “Hickory Nut Falls Trail”, which is 1.5 miles round trip; 45 min. – 1 hour; moderate terrain, a bit uphill but nice trail bed to walk on and the waterfall is very nice. As you drive from the parking lot at the Great Woodland Adventure heading for the top where the chimney is; you will pass by the entrance to the Hickory Nut Falls Trail on the right. Keep travelling by car a bit further and you'll see a parking lot on your left. Pull in there and walk down tot he HNF trail entrance. See the clues below.

Box #4 - "Magua" - Confirmed April 2007

(These clues take you to the bottom of the falls first then as you head back down the trail you will get your reward. Or reverse them and get it on the way up to the falls.) After leaving the falls you'll reach the large footbridge - at the east end of this bridge (furthest away from the falls) stop - look under the wooden walk nearest the 2nd post from the end on the left. Under the rocks is "Magua". Be sure that a rock is left behind the LB next to the wood for support when replacing it and cover well with the larger rock so non-LBoxers won't see it.

Box #5 "Uncas" is located on the Skyline Trail. You can reach the Skyline Trail from the Chimney level. The parks description of the terrain is Moderate to Strenuous, with the first 20 minutes being strenuous. I believe that the first 35 minutes are strenuous. There are many, many stairs up. I recommend taking the Skyline Trail up to the falls then going down the Cliff Trail (however there are no boxes on the Cliff Trail). Enjoy the fantastic view and drink plenty of water!

Box #5 - "Uncas" - I'm told this box is missing

From the Chimney head up the stairs to Skyline Trail. You will come along the first Rain Shelter. Stop and sit a spell, relax, take a breath. Continue on the Skyline Trail, going past the second rain shelter. Go a bit farther up and down the wooden trail. Down hill now, the trail will go, with blacktop as the trail. You’ll come on another wooden walkway. Just before you step onto that walkway, look to the left at a small oak tree. Two rocks cover the “Uncas” letterbox. If you see the sign “14” on a tree as you are on that wooden walkway, you’ve gone too far.
(Please email me if you find Uncas. I've not be able to check on that LB personally since it was planted but do have some confirmations.)

Be sure to check out the box in town park too! (Dirty Dancing)

I hope you have enjoyed your trip to this beautiful area.