The Lonely Grave of Joseph Turner  LbNA # 8422

OwnerChicago Dogs    
Placed DateMay 29 2004
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By Ol Tukai
Last Found Jun 19 2011
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedJun 29 2016

Difficulty: Medium

This box is still alive and well in 2011!

When you find this box if you notice the logbook is getting full please drop us a line. We have moved out of the area but do have friends available should the box require attention.

Before moving back to Chicago we swapped out the stamp to a nice homemade one (my first attempt, and not too shabby.) Thanks to all who have emailed us saying how much you love this letterbox. It was our first box and we're glad it turned out nicely.

*This letterbox requires you to walk through woods, not always on a path. If it has rained recently it will be muddy! Please dress appropriately. Also, we do not recommend you try to find this when there is snow on the ground.

First you must locate the cemetary that Joseph Turner is buried in. To do so go to* and locate the cemetary in Franklin County that bears the symbol of a good luck charm. Take the time to read about the interesting past this area has. That cemetary is where you will begin your search. I suggest you doublecheck the directions to the cemetary with one of the online map services from where you are coming from.

*UPDATE - From time to time the "Forgotten Ohio" website referenced above goes down. If this occurs please use the "contact the placer" link to email us and we'll be happy to provide you with some additional clues. When that website has gone down it has usually only been for a day or two and then comes back online.

Once you have located the cemetary find The Lonely Grave of Joseph Turner. From his grave head 22 paces (2 steps = 1 pace) SouthWest. This will take you to the edge of the cemetary. Follow the winding forest path down to the paved nature trail.

Head North along this paved trail until you reach a hidden staircase. Opposite of the staircase is a trail leading into the woods. Follow the forest trail into the woods 35 paces. (side note: if you come during the early morning or twilight hours you may see a family of deer hanging around) Now turn around and do 10 jumping jacks. (just kidding...)

On your left look up and you will see 2 trees that meet over the stream to form a large triangle. Of the two trees that form the triangle go to the one on the opposite side of the stream. Go to the South side of that tree and face South. (side note: If you look to your right you will see a crude hut that someone made out of a fallen tree and some branches.)

Walk 170 degrees (almost South) approximately 30 paces until you get to a very large fallen tree. This tree has fallen across the stream. (Update - 2 more large trees fell during the ice storm of Dec. '04. You will walk between the two trees to get to the third one which this clue is referring to. The tree you want has been dead much longer and is decaying with moss growing on it.) Go to the South side at the base of the fallen tree. There, resting under some rocks is the final resting place of this Letterbox! Thanks for visiting! :-)