Sourland Preserve  LbNA # 8435

OwnerThe Northerner    
Placed DateMay 30 2004
LocationSourland Preserve, Belle Mead, NJ
Found By The Northerner
Last Found Jun 2 2016
Hike Distance3-5 mi
Last EditedJun 1 2016

BOXES 1 & 2 PLACED BY: Coyotl Clan in 2001
BOX 3 PLACED BY: The Northerner in May 2004
LAST CHECKED: June 1, 2016

ROUTE: The first two boxes of this series were actually the first two letterboxes I ever found after hearing about this secret world of hidden treasures and clues, so I was delighted when I got asked by Coyotl Clan to adopt those boxes from them when they moved out of the area in 2004. Though I have made a couple of adjustments due to changes in the land, I have tried to keep the clues for these two boxes as close to the original version as possible. In 2004, I also added a third box to the series on the same path. Unfortunately the location for this box has become so overgrown it will need to be replaced. For now it is retired. Adjustments have been made to the other two clues. The hike is about 4.5 miles round trip. The trail is well marked. It has a steep climb of about 500 feet within the first half-mile plus and then does a gradual descent with some slight ups and downs the remaining 4 miles back to the car. Particularly on the flats you will see quite a bit of mud if there has been any significant rain recently and footing can be tricky in places with a lot of rocks. I don't want to discourage anyone, it is a great trail that I run frequently, I just wouldn't test out your new high heels here! Allow 2.5 to 3 hours to find the whole series.

Route 206 from North: Follow Route 206 through Somerville and Hillsborough - approximately six miles from the Somerville Circle to Route 514 which is Amwell Road. Make a right turn onto Amwell Road and proceed one and a half miles to East Mountain Road. Turn left onto East Mountain Road. Travel for one mile, and you will see the Sourland Mountain Preserve entrance sign on the right.

Route 206 from South: Follow Route 206 through Princeton and Montgomery. Traveling up a small ramp, make a left onto Route 601. Follow Route 601, and make a right turn onto East Mountain Road by Carrier Clinic. Travel for one mile, and you will see the Sourland Mountain Preserve entrance sign on the left.

Both boxes are hidden along the White Square Trail. Maps of the preserve may be available at the information kiosk adjacent to the parking lot, but if not don't worry! The trail is very well marked and begins at the edge of the woods just up from the kiosk. Notice the numbered markers as you travel the Square Trail.

Box 1:
About halfway through the hike you will run into a place where the path travels through a fence. From this point turn back the way you came and walk 40 paces to where the trail makes a sharp turn to the left. To your right (8 paces away) will be a set of rocks. The box is hidden under the easternmost end of the large flat rock.

Box 2:
For box two continue down the square trail in the direction you were traveling. As you follow along the trail you will eventually cross a wooden bridge over a decent size creek (there will be several smaller creeks before this one) with an old stone dam just upstream. If you hit intersection #9 you just missed it. From the southernmost end of the dam go 12 paces on a bearing of 204 deg. It's under the rocks.

Continue down the square trail to complete your hike. Hope you enjoyed the hunt! Please remember to be discrete while stamping in and rehiding the boxes. Let me know how the boxes are doing if you get a chance. Please remember to bring your own stamp pad.

NOTE: I consider one pace to equal two steps.

The Northerner