Magnolia Bluff  LbNA # 8439 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateMay 29 2004
LocationEvansville, WI
Found By Monkey Mischief
Last Found Dec 3 2009
Hike Distance?

Thanks to the Puddlejumpers and the Frog-A-Nobies, the box is back in good shape (ie. without a dead animal on it)

To the park: from Janesville take Cty A (Memorial Drive) west to Old 92 Rd. Make a right on Old 92, then a left on Finneran Rd, then a right on Croak Rd. Make a right turn into the park and park your car at the first parking area you see on the left. Start at the main trailhead (X-Country skil trail). Follow this main path for a ways. Soon you'll see the side of Magnolia Bluff on your left, but don't head towards it. Instead, descend down the main path and continue your walk a little ways before meeting a STEEP gravel hill. Walk (or run!!!) up this hill and follow it as it wraps around to the left at the summit. The path will soon run along the left-hand side a park-like setting. Walk ahead a little further for a fantastic view atop Magnolia Bluff. Enjoy the view, then walk to the far north end of the blufftop to pick up the trail again. Those are some huge boulders on your right! Just ahead a smaller boulder splits the path. Left is wrong. Watch your footing on the descent. After the 2nd log that rests alongside the trail, take the side path on the right. Make another right at the next side path and head in a westwardly direction, passing through a group of lichten covered boulders. Continue following this path to a small rock formation that will be on your left. There sits a small twin-trunked birch tree. Stand by this tree. Spot a 15 foot broken tree trunk at 331 degrees. To the left of this tree trunk, about 3 paces aways, there is a moss covered log you might want to explore.
After stamping in, make your way back to the main path and continue your descent through some pines, until you intersect the path where you began. Turn right and return to your car.