Daisy Deer's Birthday Party  LbNA # 8440

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateApr 4 2004
LocationWinona, MN
Found By treesap333
Last Found May 28 2013
Hike Distance?

*Two boxes have been pulled due to construction at the park. Will replace ASAP.* 8/9/07

To the park: Take Huff St. towards the Mississippi River. Go straight through the intersection of Huff and 2nd St. and follow the road as it bends left and runs alongside the river. At the next intersection make a right and head toward Prairie Island Park and Campground. Prairie Island Park and the Deer Park will be on your right. Park your car and begin your search.

#1 Daisy Deer was so excited. His birthday was tomorrow and Mama told him he could have a party. Best of all, he could invite all his forest friends. Daisy left the pen and walked along the SW side of the fence in a NW direction. He frolicked along the path into the woods. He followed the path as it slightly curved to the left. Daisy decided to take the short cut he found-- a smaller path on the right, running perpendicular to the main path. He breathed in the clean, fresh scent of the pines on his left, and saw a family of rabbits scurry into the brush on the right. As he continued staright ahead on the path, he thought of the games he and his friends would play. "Pin the Tail on the Possum" was his favorite! The path wrapped around to the left, through the pine forest, and to the edge of an open field. He walked to the #9 post, then headed due south. On trunks of three, sat his friend, Cassidy Grasshopper.

#2 "Cassidy, Mama says I can have a birthday party! Will you come?"
"Great! Now, I've got to tell Burl Squirrel."
"I just saw him not too long ago," Cassidy said and she hopped away toward the main trail.
She passed #9 and rested her tired little legs a bit before continuing down the path as it wrapped and wound itself though many baby birches. From #7, she hopped through the grass at 340 degrees, past the tree debris and ditch, through the field toward the old gnarled tree where she last saw Burl. But when she got to the tree, Burl wasn't there.
"Burl! Burl!" she called as hopped the mossed covered rocks nearby.
Oh! There he was, sitting by a grasshopper-size cave, eating a nut. She hopped 5 paces, at about 240 degrees, to where Burl was sitting.

#3 "Burl, you just have to come to Daisy Deer's birthday party," Cassidy chirped.
"Sounds like fun," Burl said, "but I better check with Mom to make sure I can go."
He hid the nut he was eating and scurried through the field to the main path at #7. He continued down the path. The forest soon grew thick and the path branched in many directions. Burl stayed on the main path as it crossed over the other side paths and took a sharp turn to the SW.
He scurried along, and as he did, he told the ducks on the old boardwalk about the party. He heard them quack a reply as he continued on his way. The small brush soon gave way to taller trees. He startled a couple sitting on the bench at #4. Up ahead, he saw some chipmunks on the smaller path on the left. This path led directly to the NW end of Daisy's pen. 70 paces down the main path from this intersection, at 30 degrees and only 11 paces into the brush, was Burl's home.
"Mom! Mom! Can I go to Daisy Deer's birthday party," he called as he entered the fallen moss-covered telephone pole he called home.