Chocolate City Series  LbNA # 8486

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateMay 31 2004
LocationBurlington, WI
Found By 5travelers
Last Found Sep 14 2014
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Chocolate City Series

This series of boxes is in and around Chocolate City. Burlington, Wisconsin is known as Chocolate City because of the Nestle factory in town. Every May, the town has a week of Chocolate Fest complete with music, a carnival, and of course chocolate. Throughout the year, depending on the direction of the wind you can smell the great scent of the chocolate being made. Bring bug spray. Trails may be wet after heavy rains.

Box 1 “Chocolate Bar Letterbox”

On the southeast side of Chocolate City, as you leave town on Hwy 142, there is a park on the right. Park in the lot where you can see the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Fox River.

Go to the place where you could use a chocolate bar to make s’mores rain or shine.
Count the vertical posts supporting the roof. A=_____________
Go to the NE post of the shelter and count the number of vertical fence posts by the road. B=________
Multiply A x B= C___________ Go to the SE post of the shelter and take a bearing of C. Start counting paces to 200. On your right will be a large moss covered log. Search inside under some bark for a chocolate bar.
Bring red, blue, and brown markers to color the stamp if you'd like.

Box 2 “Hot Fudge Sundae”

From the Chocolate Bar letterbox, cross Hwy 142 to Bushnell Park. A hot fudge sundae would be good right about now. Walk to the refreshment stand. What year is the Wanasek brick? A=_________
What year did Henk Hasert come to Burlington? B=________ Take the first 3 digits of this number C=________

Take the last digit of A and the last digit B and add them together. D=_______
C-D= Number of paces from the yellow posts on the trail at the edge of the woods behind the refreshment stand. Paces are one step. Stride of a 6’ tall person. Search the log on your left about 5 steps off the trail. Please hide the box well. There is a school nearby and this is a heavily traveled area especially during the school year. Please be discrete. Have fun and enjoy your hot fudge sundae!